Apple drops to sixth in Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics

Apple's environmental credentials lost some of their luster in the eyes of watchdog group Greenpeace. The company ranked #6 among consumer electronics firms, a slip in stature largely blamed on lack of transparency. While ranking high in product's energy efficiency, the gadget maker from California lost points for not providing information on its greenhouse gas emissions that could be externally verified. Apple also received poor marks for not setting a target for lower emissions, the group announced Monday...

Tablets now comprise 1 out of every 4 PCs sold

Should tablets be considered computers? While experts debate the tech equivalent of how many angels dance on the head of a pin, consumers are voting with their wallets. Tablets sales increased nearly 50 percent during the third quarter while computer purchases are on life support.

Today's numbers from IDC reflect a continuing trend away from PCs and toward mobile devices. Globally, 27.7 million tablets were sold during the third-quarter. This follows last month's numbers which showed PC sales declined 8.6 percent to 87.7 million during the same period...

HP will do the smartphone thing again, CEO says

You gotta feel for poor ol' computer maker Hewlett-Packard. The troubled computer maker is struggling due to slow sales growth, razor thin margins and a serious management crisis that saw the company fire a few CEOs before settling with former eBay exec Meg Whitman. That's only the tip of the iceberg.

HP's $1.2 billion acquisition of Palm in 2010 was to breathe new life into the company and provide a lucrative new revenue stream.

It instead turned into an expensive fiasco that cost HP ton of credibility and contributed greatly to a loss of direction. So, what's HP gonna do? Try the smartphone thing again...

Apple just scrapes past Amazon in JD Power’s tablet satisfaction survey

Apple's iPad is once again ranked as the No. 1 tablet in the United States. However, the company's lead over Amazon's Kindle Fire is as razor-thin as its products. According to customer satisfaction researcher JD Power, Apple scored 848 points with Amazon close behind with 842 out of 1,000.

The Cupertino, Calif. firm can be thankful that US consumers found the iPad tops for performance and ease of use -- categories heavily weighed in the survey -- while Amazon hit it out of the ballpark in price, an area carrying just 16 percent of the final score...

iPad expected to push HP into largest quarterly loss

Could HP become the Nokia of PCs? Although the largest PC seller in the US, HP is expected to announce record-breaking quarterly losses later this week. As Nokia never could adapt to a market now dominated by smartphones, HP foresees nearly $9 billion in losses - much from the runaway adoption of Apple's iPad.

On word that PC sales in the US were down 12.7 percent during the second quarter, HP is expected to loose between $8.5 and $8.9 billion in stock value, according to the Associated Press. Meanwhile, record iPad sales are helping Apple become the world's most valuable company...

The Reason We Still Don’t Have a Facebook iPad App

Mashable posted an article yesterday that tells an interesting story about the relationship between Apple and Facebook. Although the two companies are expected to make a joint announcement next Tuesday, things haven't always been peachy.

This is perhaps most obvious in the noticeable absence of a native Facebook app for Apple's tablet. Facebook's iPad app has reportedly been ready for several months, but we've yet to see an official release. Before his retirement, Steve Jobs was personally involved in negotiations with Facebook...

Epson Adds AirPrint Support, HP Takes the Feature to the Next Level

When Apple unveiled AirPrint last year, there were only 12 printers that supported the feature. Since then, manufacturers have been dragging their feet on supporting the wireless printing option.

Until now, HP has had the lion's share of the AirPrint-compatible printer market. But it seems like Epson is looking to get in on the action, as MacRumors reports that the Japanese company has several printers coming out this Fall that support the feature...

HP Was Testing webOS On An iPad, And It Ran as a Web App

In a recent report from The Next Web, it's unveiled that HP tested webOS on the iPad. Yesterday, HP announced that it would be killing the webOS platform.

HP tested webOS as a web app on the iPad. In HP's testing, webOS ran up to twice as fast on the iPad than it did on the TouchPad. HP tested webOS on the iPad because it believed that its current hardware was too slow for the webOS platform...

HP Killing All webOS Devices, Another One Bites the Dust

In what some would call a totally insane move, HP has announced that it will be discontinuing its line of webOS devices, most notably the newly-released TouchPad tablet. HP bought Palm and the webOS platform last year for $1.2 billion.

While this doesn't immediately effect Apple, it is interesting that one more iPhone/iPad competitor has bit the dust. Who will be left standing this time next year?