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How to customize the Intercom settings for HomePod

Customize HomePod Intercom Settings on iPhone

The Intercom feature released for HomePod gave users a great way to communicate throughout their homes. You can use Siri to send a message to the HomePod in your kitchen, reply to an intercom message from a HomePod in the office, and even use the Home app to send messages to every HomePod in your house.

Whether you have just one HomePod or a few, Intercom lets you communicate your way with a few tweaks. To make the Intercom feature work perfectly in your space, here’s how to customize it for your HomePod.

How to set up a Primary User on your HomePod or HomePod mini

HomePod Settings and Primary User on iPhone

If you have more than one HomePod and multiple people in your household, then you probably already know how to set up multiple HomePod users. This is great when different people want to play music or make a request from Siri.

But what if your HomePod doesn’t recognize someone’s voice? By setting up a Primary User on the HomePod, Siri will default to that Primary User when in doubt. This is also helpful if each person has a HomePod in their own space where they are the main user anyway. That way, recommendations for music and podcasts are tailored to that user.

Here’s how to set up a Primary User on your HomePod or HomePod mini.