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The best iPhone apps for wine lovers

Wine and grapes - Best Wine Apps for iPhone

If sipping on a magnificent Merlot or spectacular Chardonnay is the perfect end to your day or beginning of your evening, then this app list is for you.

Discover new flavors, read about a wine’s history, or find the closest place to buy a bottle; these are the best iPhone apps for wine lovers.

The best food delivery apps for iPhone to satisfy any craving

Best Food Delivery apps - GrubHub iPhone

Food delivery has come a long way since the days of only being able to get pizza or Chinese brought to your door. Now, there are services that will head to fast food, fancy, or deli-style restaurants to bring once undeliverable goodies to your door step.

When you can’t go out but are having a Big Mac attack or a hankering for your local eatery’s soup of the day, you can still get those foods you crave.

Here are the best food delivery apps for iPhone that help you eat the treats you seek.

Starbucks launches ‘Mobile Order & Pay’ in Oregon, national rollout planned for 2015

Starbucks has announced that it's launched a new "Mobile Order & Pay" service that will allow customers to place an order using the Starbucks app on their iPhone and schedule it for pickup. The service, which we first heard about in July, is available now at stores in Portland, Oregon, and will rollout to other locations in 2015.

The whole thing works like you'd expect it to. You can place an order for both food and beverages, and drinks are completely customizable down to the size, dairy and espresso additives, and more. Once you've selected all of your items, you choose the closest participating store for pickup and pay in-app with your Starbucks card.

The best recipe apps for iPhone and iPad

Even if you don't cook on a regular basis, it's always nice to have a good recipe book on hand. Whether you're trying to impress that special someone, or you've been tapped to bake cookies for the office party, there are occasions when you need to flex your cooking skills.

Luckily, the invention of smartphones and the App Store have put thousands of great recipe books in the palm of your hand. And wouldn't you know it, the iDB team has taken the time to sift through all of the noise to pick out the best recipe apps for iPhone and iPad.

The best apps for wine enthusiasts

I love to sit down with a nice glass of wine after a long, hard day of work. A glass of red wine every day is said to prolong life, which I could believe because of how nicely it relaxes you.

I wouldn’t call myself an expert, by any means. I will unapologetically drink red with fish and white with lasagna. The App Store has a very nice selection of titles that could help make you seem like an expert to your friends and you won’t have spend all that money on special wine appreciation classes. Check out our list of best apps for wine drinkers…