How to Fix iBooks Crash After Jailbreaking iOS 5.0.1

Those of you who have used the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 might have encountered an issue where iBooks crashes every time you try to launch the application.

This problem isn't new. Apple introduced this awhile back as a way to fight jailbreaking. Fortunately, we already have a fix for it. It's quick, simple, and it should solve all your issues with iBooks...

How to Fix “Device Not Eligible for Upgrade, Restore, Requested Build” Error

When trying to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a newer firmware to take advantage of an untethered jailbreak, you might have encountered various problems, such as error message 1013, 1600, 1601, 1602, 1603, 1604, etc. These errors might tell you that your device is not eligible for upgrade, or that it's not eligible for restore, or even that it isn't eligible for the requested build.

There are fairly common errors, and thankfully there is an easy fix. All it takes in a few seconds of your time.

“An Internal Error Occured” When Updating to iOS 5

If you've been trying to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the newly released iOS 5, you might have encountered the error message saying that you're device could not be restored because an "internal error occurred." In most cases, you'll get the "3004" error message, too.

If that's the case, do not freak out. Breath and relax. Apple's servers are getting slammed with thousands of people trying to do the exact same thing as you...

How to Downgrade iTunes and Fix the “iTunes Library.itl” Cannot Be Read Error

So, you downloaded and installed the iTunes beta for iTunes Match without first thinking about the consequences. No sweat.

If you've since tried to downgrade your iTunes beta back to a publicly released version of iTunes, resulting in the horrible ‘”iTunes Library.itl” cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes’ error message, don't succumb to tears just yet; we've got a fix that might just work.

Save the precious iTunes library that you've spent hours upon hours massaging to perfection, and tune in to the following video tutorial...

How to Fix the iPhone’s Dreaded Recovery Loop and Downgrade Back to iOS 4.3.3

If you're the type of person who likes to sell your current iPhone and use the funds to upgrade to the latest and greatest iPhone, then you've been there before. Restoring your iPhone to stock, and cleaning it up, is essential if you want to ensure you get top dollar for your device.

Thankfully, Cody already covered quite a few bases in his article, here. But what if you're still having issues downgrading your iPhone, or getting it back to stock after jailbreaking? I know a lot of you have personally told me about your struggles with the iPhone's dreaded recovery loop.

If you're having issues downgrading your iPhone back to iOS 4.3.3, issues with iTunes Error (1), and/or you're stuck in the recovery loop, and can't get out, this video tutorial should fix what ails you...

How to Fix Recording Errors in Display Recorder

Display Recorder is a wonderful jailbreak app by Ryan Petrich for creating a video recording of your iPhone's screen. Some users, however, have been having problems creating new recordings and have seen Error Code 0 or 2. As far as I can tell, the issue is related to the way that Display Recorder stores files in the file system to circumvent ASLR obstacles and the permissions that iTunes applies to them during backup restores.

It seems that the only users affected by these errors are those who recently restored from an iTunes backup or upgraded/downgraded their firmware. Luckily, the fix is pretty simple and can be done in under ten minutes...

Have You Seen This Weird iPhone Keyboard Bug Before?

This is not the first time that happens while in landscape mode. The screen rotates fine, the keyboard looks fine, but for some reason when I press a key, it appears sideways. I have no idea what it's from so I was wondering if you guys had seen that before.

I do use the jailbreak app called ShowCase but I remember having this issue before installing the tweak. It's not a big deal, but I'd just like to figure out what's wrong...

Fix iPhone Error 1013

Yesterday Tina decided it was time to update her iPhone firmware. It was probably the first software update she did since she got her iPhone 4, months ago. Because she doesn't need or even care about a jailbreak, her iPhone is clean. No jailbreak.

I was watching South Park when I heard her voice from upstairs: "honey, I have a problem, it's saying something about error 1013". Damn you, iPhone, for disturbing me while watching disturbing TV shows!

I had had this error 1013 before so I was confident it would be a one-minute fix...

Fix: FaceTime Failed – xxx is Not Available For FaceTime

Today I want to post about an issue I recently had when trying to FaceTime with Tina. Everytime I tried to initiate a FaceTime call, I would get an error message saying "FaceTime Failed - Tina is not available for FaceTime". What was strange with this issue is that she could initiate the FaceTime call and reach me, but I couldn't.

So really I thought the problem was from me since I was the one not being able to reach her. This drove me nuts for days. I even went as far as restoring my iPhone, thinking it would fix the issue. It didn't. The solution was in fact much simpler. Ironically, the issue didn't even come from my iPhone, but from hers.

I found the fix somewhere deep inside Apple's support pages. Apparently the problem arises if you ported an old number to your iPhone 4, or if you recently changed your number, which was the case for Tina's phone.

According to Apple, some of the symptoms are:

When you are calling someone on FaceTime, the number on their screen is not your number. People are unable to initiate a FaceTime call with you. After installing a new carrier settings update, FaceTime does not activate.

The fix is really simple:

In Settings > Phone, turn FaceTime OFF and turn it back ON again Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings Done

Immediately after performing this on Tina's phone I was able to initiate a FaceTime call with her.

Hopefully this will help other people stuck on this issue.

Fix For “Spirit Requires iTunes 9 to Function”

The Spirit jailbreak tool is probably the easiest jailbreak ever, however, like every piece of software, it is not perfect. Even though Spirit was updated yesterday, a few users still face issues.

One of the most common one is the error saying that "Spirit Requires iTunes 9 to function. Please install a correct version of iTunes and run Spirit again."

In this case, Spirit believes you are not running the correct version of iTunes, even though you are.

There is a simple fix for this:

Step 1: Download Spirit Fixer by Kirma (mirror link)

Step 2: Extract the downloaded file then run Spirit.Fixer.By.Kirma.v1.01.exe

Step 3: Run Spirit.exe

It should work.

[via Tech Petals]

How to Fix iPhone Errors 1600, 1601, 1602, 1603, 1604

Many of you have been asking me about those annoying iTunes errors while trying to restore your iPhone using a custom firmware with PwnageTool or SnowBreeze. Usually, the error you get says:

The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1600 - 1601 - 1602 - 1603 - 1604)

There is an easy and quick fix for this. The downside is that it is Windows only (Mac version is in the work), and that it only works for iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iTouch 1G and iTouch 2G. In other words, no iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G support.

iREB (iTunes Restore Error Bypasser) is a neat little tool that will help you fix these errors.

Step 1: Download iREB from here.

Step 2: Launch iTunes and put your iPhone in DFU mode (hold power and home button together for 10 seconds; release the power button and keep holding the home button until iTunes tells you it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.

Step 3: Once iTunes has detected your iPhone in recovery mode, close iTunes and launch iREB.

Step 4: Select your device and wait for the screen to go red or white.

Step 5: Launch iTunes and hold the SHIFT key while clicking on restore. A window will open. From there just browse for the custom firmware you want to restore to.

You should be good to go. iTunes should restore your iPhone to the desired firmware without giving you any error.

Fixed: iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

Sometimes when jailbreaking an iPhone or after installing a jailbreak app, your iPhone will get stuck on reboot, or will hang on the Apple logo. This problem happened to me before and it was kind of a nightmare. In order to get your iPhone back on track, you will have to put it in DFU mode (Device Firmware Update mode). This will help you restore your iPhone without loading the OS first.