How to sell your iPhone on Craigslist like a pro

As many of you guys know, I'm sort of a Craigslist junkie. I have sold literally hundreds of items on Craigslist over the years, and I can't remember ever having any big problems with a transaction.

Since the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is only a couple of weeks away, many people are now interested in selling their current iPhone in order to finance the new iPhone. This is a smart move, as value of the last generation phones will dip and continue to do so once the new iPhones come out.

So what's the best way to go about selling an iPhone on Craigslist? I've discussed this topic several times on our Podcast, Lets' Talk iOS, but now I'll fully break down what makes a successful Craigslist selling experience.

Again, why you should never buy an iPad in a parking lot

Craigslist is arguably one of the web's most popular destinations for folks looking to buy stuff at a bargain. A virtual garage sale of sorts, one can find anything from furniture to exercise equipment.

Of course, you can also find electronics on Craigslist — Apple products even. But as we've said before, you should always be wary of buying Apple gear in a parking lot. And again, here's why...

Watch Out for iPhone and iPad Scams

With so many look-a-likes and scams out there, a person has to be pretty careful when shopping online for an iDevice. Before purchasing any type of high-end electronic device, you always want to ask for the serial number to check and see if it's been stolen, or if it's even real.

The police of Morrow City, Georgia recently apprehended 2 suspects for using a popular website to sell imitation iPhones and empty iPad boxes for cash. The two culprits were picked up last Thursday in the process of selling 2 fake iPhones for a total of $400...

Target Announces You Can Trade Them Your iPhone for a Gift Card

I'll warn you ahead of time, this is a ridiculous piece of news. The folks over at Target have come up with a plan that will allow you to trade in your iPhone or iPod Touch to receive your very own gift card with the amount you're granted in return.

So how much can you expect to get for your respective iDevice you ask? CNET says supported stores will issue you a card that ranges from "a couple dollars" to $200 in value...