Apple begins reaccepting Bitcoin apps on the App Store

Apple can't make up its mind. Just months ago, it pulled all Bitcoin wallet apps from the App Store after enacting a policy against all apps using the virtual currency. Now, it has reversed that decision and is allowing apps based the virtual currency back into the App Store. As reported by The Next Web, at least one app has already made its return to the storefront. Take a look…

Apple pulls Bitcoin wallet app Blockchain from App Store

Apple on Thursday pulled from its App Store the last remaining Bitcoin wallet app that allowed transactions. Blockchain, the only Bitcoin trading and storage iOS app, has been downloaded 120,000 times. It can no longer be found on the App Store following the removal over an "unresolved issue".

Nicolas Cary, the CEO of London-based which developed the app, told Bloomberg he didn't understand Apple's reasoning as his app's been on the App Store for two years.

Apple previously pulled Bitcoin-compatible apps from the App Store or asked their developers to remove the transfer feature because it's illegal in some countries...