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Microsoft names Satya Nadella new CEO, Bill Gates steps down as Chairman

The search for a new Microsoft CEO following Steve Ballmer's August 2013 announcement of his retirement is finally over as the Windows maker on Tuesday announced major executive changes at the top. Insider Satya Nadella has become the new Microsoft boss and a board member.

He previously held the position of Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group and is the third Microsoft CEO since the company's inception. Also important, Bill Gates will be stepping down as Chairman but will retain a board seat serving as an adviser. Lead independent director John Thompson would succeed Gates as Chairman, the software giant said...

Bill Gates recounts emotionally on final meeting with Steve Jobs

Microsoft co-founder and chairman previously reflected on his meeting with Steve Jobs shortly before his death on October 5, 2011 at the age of 56. According to Walter Isaacson's official bio book on Jobs, the two talked about their 30-year relationship and rivalry, including the early days of the Macintosh.

Last night, Gates sat down with 60 Minutes' Charlie Rose to once again recount his final meeting with Jobs. In an emotional outpouring, teary-eyed Gates reflected on the wide range of topics they discussed, including admitting their failure to re-innovate educational through technology. Your video is right after the break...

Bill Gates: you’re frustrated because your iPad lacks real keyboard and real Office

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates thinks Apple’s iPad is "frustrating" to use because it lacks a physical keyboard and doesn't run Office. The Surface, he says, brings the "portability of the tablet but the richness of the PC" to mobile productivity.

Being a Google Apps fan, I'm obviously biased and not exactly the right guy to comment on the Office part of Bill's comment.

Now, I'm underestimating the real world outside the Apple bubble and obviously there are heavy Office users out there who agree with Gates on Office for iPad. Regardless, you'd think Microsoft's co-founder should know that any Bluetooth keyboard works with iPads.

On top of that, a bunch of iPad cases incorporate physical keys like NIBIQÜ's and Logitech's Surface-like iPad cases, the latter featuring physical keys seamlessly fused into its interior fabric. Go past the fold for the full quote and video evidence...

Microsoft CEO goes on defensive, says the Surface is ‘a real business’

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently addressed the companies Surface and the tablet's sales (or lack thereof).

We're going to try our best not to characterize his comments as whiny or envision the firm's leader stomping his foot in the face of gloomy analysis. But it's hard - real hard.

Speaking with MIT Technology Review, while admitting the Microsoft product was not an iPad-killer, Ballmer stressed the Surface isn't a post-PC fantasy, either...

Bill Gates on iPad, Surface and Microsoft’s original tablet vision

Bill Gates was on PBS's Charlie Rose show tonight and he got peppered with questions concerning the iPad's gigantic success and why Microsoft's original tablet vision fell short. Now chairman of Microsoft and a philanthropist, Gates gave honest answers and didn't seem jealous of Apple's success with the iPad as his sidekick Steve Ballmer evidently had been when he laughed off the iPhone back in 2007. Here are your key takeaways...

Bill Gates Sent a Letter to Steve Jobs Before He Passed

Bill Gates has told how he sent Steve Jobs a personal letter before his death, and explained how the pair's complicated relationship worked.

During an interview with The Telegraph, the former Microsoft CEO spoke about Jobs and the relationship between the two during the Macintosh days and how the two became competitors after initially working on the same project.

Bill Gates also went on to describe Jobs as an "incredible genius" and spoke about the Apple CEO's work in increasing the Mac's market share in the face of competition from Microsoft's PC platform...

What Would Things Be Like if Microsoft Had Invented the iPhone?

When I was in junior high school the only thing I knew about Apple was that they made computers with enormous floppy disk drives. The Discman was the hottest portable music player and it would cost you about $100 for the latest and greatest. Bill Gates was a nerdy guy who was also the richest man in the world.

Imagine if you will that Steve Jobs never came back to Apple and the quirky computer company died off, leaving Microsoft as the uncontested developer to produce us our technological fixes. Assume that the story plays out identical to the way it is today with Gates and company unveiling the now iPhone under the Seattle based company...