How to get the Apollo for Reddit app running again on a jailbroken device

Apollo for Reddit banner.

When a third-party Reddit client known as Apollo first hit the App Store’s shelves in 2017, it was an app I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. Unfortunately, project developer Christian Selig was forced to shut the app down on June 30th after Reddit implemented heavy-handed API changes that effectively made running third-party Reddit client infeasible for indie developers like Selig.

Iryss: an app that uses Machine Learning to identify objects

There are countless new features to take advantage of in iOS 11, but many of them are under the hood in the form of APIs and require App Store apps to get the full effect.

Iryss is a new app developed by Florian Hebrard, better known by the jailbreak community as Ziph0n, that takes advantage of Apple’s brand-new CoreML (Machine Learning) API to recognize objects around you in real time.

Apple launches JavaScript API for embedding Live Photos on the web

Apple on Thursday announced a new JavaScript-based API for web developers who wish to enable embedding of Live Photos in their websites and web apps. Called LivePhotosKit JS, the new API is in addition to Apple's current Live Photos API which enables Live Photos on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac devices and in apps that use it, like Facebook's mainland mobile app, Tumblr for iOS and others.

Many third-party Instagram apps no longer working

Do you use a third-party app to browse Instagram feeds and hashtags more efficiently on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad?

If so, there's a high likelihood that your app has now ceased functioning due to Instagram's new and much stricter policy pertaining to the official API, which has gone into effect today, as first noted by MacRumors.

New report details Siri API, Apple’s Google Now, ‘Browse Around Me’ in Maps and more iOS 9 stuff

Apple is reportedly reading a Siri Application Programming Interface (API), according to a new report. Called Breadcrumbs, it should let developers enhance iPhone and iPad applications by implementing Siri intelligence in a limited fashion. Another new initiative seeks to create a Google Now experience for iOS devices.

In addition, the Cupertino firm is reportedly adding augmented reality features to Apple Maps, including one dubbed Browse Around Me.

The way it's supposed to work, you'd point your iPhone's camera toward a particular business or an area and Maps would put up relevant information such as a virtual view of menu items or daily specials, 9to5Mac said Wednesday.

Google ends YouTube support on older Apple TVs and pre-iOS 6 hardware due to API changes

Following up on its original plan to end support for older Apple TVs, iPhones, iPods and iPads due to API changes, YouTube is no longer accessible on second-generation Apple TVs and iOS devices manufactured in 2012 and earlier, as first reported 9to5Mac.

The app has simply disappeared from the Home screen on second-generation devices, with owners of these boxes reporting inability to access the Settings menu option to hide or show it along with other channels.

Google-owned Nest takes on Apple’s HomeKit, opens up API for developers

Nest Labs, the Google-owned maker of the popular Nest thermostat and smoke detector, has signaled its intention to open up its technology to third-party developers by launching the Nest Developer Program last September.

Since then, Nest has been building a real-time web API for the Nest Learning Thermostat and today, ahead of Google I/O which starts tomorrow, the program has gone active.

The official API allows the Nest to work with all kinds of devices, from smart light bulbs to various home appliances to fitness bands and even cars. "Connect your Nest to things inside and outside of your home, and we'll get even better at keeping you comfortable and safe," says Google.

Contrary to previous assurances by Nest co-founder and former Apple engineer Tony Fadell, Nest devices will need to share some data with Google so the Internet giant could understand your daily habits and intelligently propose new ways of saving energy around the house...