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How to create an animation with pictures in Google Photos

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Doing fun things with your photos can make them more enjoyable to look through. We’ve shown you how to create a Google Photos movie and how to make a collage in Google Photos. So how about creating an animation?

Google Photos lets you choose from two to 50 photos and turn them into a neat animation, here’s how.

How to create an animated GIF in Keynote

How to create an animated GIF in Keynote

You can do all sorts of things with Apple Keynote presentations. From creating slideshows of photos for a family gathering to presentations for business meetings, Keynote offers the flexibility and features to do it all.

So once you create your presentation, you might want to pop it up on your website or share it on social media. With this in mind, you can turn your slideshow into an animated GIF. This lets you plan your presentation automatically.

Whether your slideshow is on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, we’ll show you how to turn it into an animated GIF in Keynote.

The best GIF keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad

Best GIF keyboards for iPhone and iPad

Animated GIFs seem to be one of the most popular things people share these days aside from photos. Whether on social media or in text messages, those short animations are everywhere. You can share something sweet, thoughtful, hilarious, sarcastic, or wacky, and the list goes on.

If you search Google, you’ll find tons of GIFs for the topic you need. But why bother when you can use a keyboard specifically for them? These are the best GIF keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad to bring fun to your messages.

The best free apps for creating animated GIFs on iPhone

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There are GIFs everywhere. We see them, save them, and share them from Facebook, Twitter, and even those we receive in Messages or Mail. So, if you want to have some fun, make something memorable, or just get creative with your photos and videos, why not make a GIF of your own?

These are the best free apps for creating animated GIFs on iPhone.

This jailbreak tweak is a classic remake that brings animated crawling ants to iOS

If you’re one to appreciate fun and quirky animations on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad, then a new free jailbreak tweak called Ants by iOS developer SparkDev might be of interest to you.

Once installed, Ants causes an army of animated virtual ants to spawn all over the iOS interface. They appear and crawl around whether you’re on your Home screen or inside of an app.