New MacBook-friendly USB Type-C monitors announced

It looks like USB Type-C will be one of the big stories of CES 2016. The USB Type-C connector found on the 12" MacBook makes it possible to transfer data and display content on a monitor, and at the same time provide power to the MacBook as well.

Having a USB Type-C equipped monitor basically allows said monitor to function as an all-encompassing docking station for the 12" MacBook. With a single cable, you can provide data transfer, monitor connectivity, and power.

Today, Acer has announced a new line of monitors sporting the H7 series moniker. These monitors are among the first displays to sport USB Type-C connectivity, and when you think about the implications, it's a very big deal for MacBook owners.

Microsoft now takes swipes at iPad mini

Wow, there's just no stopping Microsoft's marketing people in their anti-iPad crusade. As it’s done several times this summer, the Windows giant yesterday posted a Surface commercial which predictably takes swipes at Apple's full-size iPad, criticizing its $499 asking price, lack of SD card slot and limited Office compatibility (go figure).

You'd have think Microsoft's ad agency would not release another iPad bashing commercial until next week. Much to our surprise, however, a mere 24 hours later a new commercial has surfaced on YouTube, this time on Microsoft's WindowsVideos channel.

And for the first time, the software giant is targeting the iPad mini by pitting Acer's 8.1-inch Iconia W3 tablet against Apple's popular 7.9-inch $329 device. I've included the ad for your viewing pleasure right after the break...

Apple owns 37 percent of the fragmented mobile ad market

Apple continues to lead mobile advertising, despite Samsung's strength in handset sales, a new report out Monday indicates. Apple accounted for 37 percent of mobile ads while Samsung had 24 percent. The rest of the mobile pack were left in the two firms' dust. Cupertino's mobile ad lead over Samsung actually grew by three percent during the third quarter, with a little help from the iPhone 5, which was released at the end of the third quarter, according to Adfonic's AdMetrics report...

Acer warns against Surface, Microsoft already working on a sequel

Acer is the most vocal opponent of Microsoft's Surface tablet. Its founder Stan Shih went on the record two days following the Surface's announcement, opining that the gizmo was just a ploy to drive Windows 8 adoption.

Today, Acer CEO JT Wang drove the point home by begging Microsoft to "think twice" about the Surface because tablet making is is not something the Redmond company is good at. Meanwhile, Microsoft is speculated to be already at work on a Surface tablet sequel...

Acer: Microsoft’s Surface is just a ploy to drive Windows 8 adoption

When Microsoft out of the blue announced on Monday it was entering the tablet race with its own Surface-branded product, many industry watchers and, more importantly, Microsoft's hardware partners were taken aback and left scratching their head.

Just what the hell Redmond thinks it's doing, many OEMs now wonder. Aggressive pricing (think $199 or below) is seen as key to Surface's chance of success and OEMs can't exactly compete with Microsoft on level ground because their already thin margins are stretched even thinner as they pay license fees to Microsoft to use Windows on tablets.

But Microsoft may not be in it for the money or hardware sales, warns Acer founder Stan Shih who has commented that the Surface is just a ploy to drum up excitement and drive Windows 8 adoption...