ABC interview with Tim Cook for Mac’s 30th anniversary to air tomorrow

Continuing with the festivities for the Macintosh’s 30th anniversary, ABC News is set to air an interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook on its World News program with Diane Sawyer tomorrow evening.

Few details are known, except that the interview will be between ABC’s David Muir and Cook, and will air tomorrow at 6:30PM EST. And a preview of the interview will air on Good Morning America…

Apple TV picks up ABC, Bloomberg, Crackle and KOR TV channels

After adding Yahoo Screen and PBS channels last month, Major League Soccer and Disney Junior channels in September as well as Vevo, Weather Channel, Disney, Smithsonian and a bunch of other content sources earlier this year, Apple’s again expanded on the device’s content sources.

The $99 media-streaming box is now even more useful with four additional channels from ABC, financial organization Bloomberg, Sony’s streaming movie and TV show service Crackle and Korea-based on-demand video service KOR TV, all now accessible from the Apple TV’s Home menu…

ABC to start live streaming content via iOS apps this week

This is kind of interesting. ABC, a TV network under the Walt Disney umbrella, is set to revolutionize its iPhone and iPad apps this week. It’s going to be adding a new ‘Live’ viewing option to the software, which will [obviously] play live programming.

The live stream will work anywhere in a local market—as long as it’s supported— the same way an old-fashioned antenna would. And according to The New York Times, this is the first time that a major broadcaster has turned on this kind of technology…

Potentially disruptive live-streaming app from ABC in the works

After CBS last week unveiled its free iOS app that gives you access to the network’s popular shows 24 hours or more after they air, we learn now that ABC is working on its own app for tablets and smartphones, one potentially making ABC the first of the American broadcasters to provide a live Internet stream of national and local programming, potentially very disruptive given the incumbent’s existing business models. Of course, you won’t get to stream premium ABC programming free of charge as a paid cable or satellite subscription will be required to use the app.

Nevertheless, the ability to watch such ABC shows as ‘Good Morning America’ and ‘Nashville’ on your iPhone or iPad as they broadcast could finally blur the artificial line between mobile devices and the traditional venues through which content providers distribute their linear programming…

ABC rips off Apple’s famed ’1984’ advert to hype up dumb singing contest

The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) has ripped off Apple’s famous advert dubbed 1984 in a cheapskate attempt to promote its upcoming new singing show called Duets (I know, don’t start).

Alluding to George Orwell’s 1984 novel, ABC’s cheesy commercial blatantly copies Apple’s down to a lookalike of an unnamed heroine in white tank top that represented the coming of the Macintosh.

Instead of throwing a large brass-headed hammer to smash a televised Big Brother, in ABC’s version an Olympic track and field athlete hurls a stage microphone at the big screen. Upon impact, the curtain falls down to reveal the familiar-looking set as the audience rises to a standing ovation…