3D Touch Display

iOS 10 tidbit: 3D Touch the flashlight toggle to choose an intensity

Apple originally introduced Control Center in iOS 7, which was their way of answering both the competition on multiple Android platforms and the jailbreak community in one fell swoop.

With iOS 10, which Apple announced at the WWDC 2016 Keynote this week, Apple has shown off some obvious changes to Control Center, including a modular paged navigation design and different color tones and styles.

Of course, aesthetic wasn’t the only change. Apple also made the flashlight toggle button from Control Center a whole lot more useful as well.

Brevis lets you customize your 3D Touch Quick Action menus

If something looks a little different to you in the 3D Touch Quick Actions menu examples above, that's because you are seeing the effects of a new jailbreak tweak called Brevis, which is available now in Cydia for $1.00.

What this tweak will allow you to do is customize the look and feel of your Quick Action menus on your 3D Touch-enabled iPhone.

We will be showing you how the tweak works and what it's capable of in this piece, and you might just want to pick it up yourself!

The iPhone 6s will reportedly feature a deeper version of Force Touch called 3D Touch

At this point, it's pretty much a given that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will feature some type of Force Touch implementation. Rumors have been going around, analysts have hinted to it, code has been discovered, and parts have leaked out that hint to the inclusion of the new  technology.

What hasn't been as clear is how the adaption of Force Touch will work on a device like an iPhone. For the Apple Watch, Force Touch was pretty much a necessity given that device's diminutive size and limited input options. For the iPhone, a device with way more screen real estate, the implementation of Force Touch can potentially take on many angles.

Earlier Today, 9to5Mac's well-connected blogger Mark Gurman provided some additional details on what to expect from Apple's first usage of Force Touch in its primary money maker. Apparently, Force Touch will actually be branded as the 3D Touch Display, and will include not just two levels of pressure sensitivity—but three.