Andrew Kunesh

Is Clima a worthy stock Weather app replacement?

Though Apple's build-in Weather application has been upgraded over the years, the application still lacks notifications and an interesting interface. When looking for a replacement for the stock app, I came across Clima, a new design-focused weather app for iPhone. Read my full Clima review to see if it's a worthy Weather app replacement.

PackPoint takes the stress out of packing for a trip

Though traveling is one of my favorite things to do, packing for travels can be pretty stressful, especially when traveling abroad. Attempting to factor what I'll need for the weather can be tough, and remembering mundane things like a passport and house key for my return can be disastrous if forgotten. However, PackPoint, a new travel app, aims to reduce this stress by creating smart packing lists for both business and holiday travel. To find out if PackPoint will help you on your next adventure, read my full PackPoint review below...

Truefilm is a comprehensive photo editing app with unique features

Though there is a ton of camera apps on the App Store, one recent addition caught my eye: Truefilm. This app is a spin on your normal photo editing app with filters, basic controls, and frames, however, the app offers a couple features I've never seen implemented in a mobile photo editing app, such as version tracking. Read my full Truefilm review to see if it's worth your $0.99.

RideScout will get you around your city fast

From bike share to rail to ride sharing, if you live in a big city, chances are there is a ton of transportation options to choose from. And with so many options come different pricing, routes, and timing, so it can be tough to pick what works best in each situation. That's where RideScout comes in.

RideScout is a relatively new app that takes multiple forms of transportation into account when searching for directions. The app compares cycling, driving, taxis, ride share, and public transportation to give you the best options in regards to timelines, cost, and health. Read my full Ridescout review to learn more.

Macrocosm is a beautifully relaxing game

Though I do play my fair share of action games on iOS, I tend to sway more towards the relaxing side of the game spectrum; games that I can use to relax at the end of a long week. When on the hunt for more cool-down games, I came across Macrocosm, a new space-age game that was released earlier this month.

This game is based in space where you play as a blob of dark matter with your objectives being simple: get bigger, don't get killed by spaceships, and free other dark matter. To find out if this game is both relaxing and exciting, read on for my full Macrocosm review...

Munin review: a mythical platformer with a twist

Platform games, often dubbed platformers, have always had a special place in my heart, so when I heard about Munin in our last App Recap, I downloaded it immediately and have been addicted ever since.

Munin is a 2D platform game for iPad based on Norse mythology in which a raven named Munin has been transformed into a human. In order to become a raven again, Munin must collect all of her feathers from various places in the beautifully dark world of Yggdrasil. If this seems like a storyline that would interest you, read on for my full Munin review...

Afterlight is an iPhoneographer’s dream app

After moving to the city from the suburbs, I've become a total sucker for photography apps. It seems like every time I unlock my bike at a coffee shop, there's a new photo opportunity awaiting my iPhone's tiny sensor -- an opportunity that would look even better with a filter applied to it.

Because of this recent obsession, I've been on the hunt for the best photo apps that offer the great core editing, classy filters, and clean camera interface. My most recent find is Afterlight, a relatively new player in the photo editing game that offers a huge library of filters and a ton of interesting editing features I've yet to see in other photo apps.

However, does this feature-packed photo editing app live up to the uses of a wannabe urban photographer? Read on for a full Afterlight review...