PackPoint takes the stress out of packing for a trip


Though traveling is one of my favorite things to do, packing for travels can be pretty stressful, especially when traveling abroad. Attempting to factor what I’ll need for the weather can be tough, and remembering mundane things like a passport and house key for my return can be disastrous if forgotten. However, PackPoint, a new travel app, aims to reduce this stress by creating smart packing lists for both business and holiday travel. To find out if PackPoint will help you on your next adventure, read my full PackPoint review below…


Upon first launching PackPoint, you’ll immediately be brought to a new trip screen. From the top of the screen, input your travel destination, date of travel, the length of your stay, and select whether your trip will be for business or leisure. Then, proceed to the activities page by tapping the Select Activities button from the bottom of the screen.

Though the activities page isn’t useful for everyone, anyone who plans on working while traveling, being active, or traveling international will appreciate this page. You can select what activities you plan on doing while traveling to modify your packing list accordingly. For instance, if you tell PackPoint that you’ll be cycling during your travels, it will tell you to pack your cycling kit.

Finally, you’ll be brought to your smart packing list. This list is curated based on the projected weather for your trip, the location you’re traveling to, and includes quantities based on the numbers you’ll be staying in your destination. From the bottom of the list, you can add new items to the list, and if you’re a frequent traveler that has multiple upcoming trips, you can tap the menu button from the upper right-hand corner of the screen to save your list and create another.



PackPoint is one of the most beautiful iPhone apps I’ve seen recently. The color scheme used in the application is awesome with the app’s buttons being designed well. I also like how the menus are laid out, with the app’s core functionality being front-and-center while the smaller features, like creating multiple lists and adding custom items, is placed in more subtle parts of the app.

The Good

The app’s functionality is great, and really takes the stress out of packing the right things for your next trip. Additionally, the app’s interface is beautiful with smooth textures, clean lines, and awesome buttons.

The Bad

As of now, the app has a somewhat limited amount of activities in its library, so hopefully we see this library expand as the app is updated.


Since PackPoint is a free app, it’s a great deal for any frequent traveler who needs an innovative way to create packing lists for their adventures.


All in all, I highly recommend downloading PackPoint before going on your next adventure. The app ensures that you’ll never forget any important travel accessories again, and makes sure that you’re dressing appropriately for your destination and its weather.

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