Eighth Fugu15 Max public beta brings iOS 15.0-15.4.1 jailbreak for arm64e devices closer to fruition

Developer Lars Fröder (@opa334) took to Twitter this Tuesday afternoon to announce the release of Fugu15 Max beta 8, the latest in a series of public beta launches intended for developers to test.

Opa334 announces Fugu15 Max beta 8.

Citing the Tweet, Fugu15 Max beta 8 has reached a level of stability that Fröder considers “usable” by the average user. What this essentially means is that beta 8 is possibly stable enough for non-developers to install and play with, however Fröder doesn’t specifically endorse doing so until it’s out of beta.

As for the final release, Fröder hasn’t stated a direct ETA, but says it will still be a little while as there are still some other things that need figuring out. Fröder has also warned that anyone who installs the beta ahead of the final release will need to content with a full wipe of their bootstrap, and that there isn’t any way around this.

As for what’s new in Fugu15 Max beta 8, Fröder said it was primarily a bug fix update with some stop gap solutions for hiding or removing the jailbreak environment. The full change log as per the GitHub page is below:


– Add workaround for fork() and vfork() inside processes that have hooks applied (previously the child would instantly crash)
– Even better setuid solution (Thanks to @sbingner)
– Update shipped Sileo to 2.4.4
– Add option to hide / uninstall jailbreak environment to the app, accessible by long pressing on the jailbreak button (stop gap solution until final version with proper UI), ONLY USE WHILE NOT JAILBROKEN
– The alert that appears after jailbreaking now has a button to do the userspace reboot (stop gap solution until final version with proper UI)

What’s still missing for the final release:

– Proper name / UI
– User friendliness
– Userland hooks for icon cache and preferences
– libkrw
– Fully working Sileo / Zebra builds

Known Issues:

– For some users, Sileo crashes on launch, there is no current fix or workaround for this, a proper fix is pending by Sileo developers
– On some versions, doing anything in Zebra crashes, there is no current fix or workaround for this, a proper fix is pending by Zebra developers
– When something hooks a C function inside logd, userspace reboots will get stuck, this is an issue in Ellekit and will be fixed soon
– Spinlock panic, no idea what causes this, might be a late side effect by one of the exploits
– Some sort of race condition pmap panic, no idea what causes this either, but I think this is probably a bug in the environment somewhere
– On 15.0 – 15.3.1, you need to fully disable wifi while jailbreaking


– Final jailbreak will have a different name
– This jailbreak is rootless, rootful packages are not supported
– Default password for root: alpine (you need to install openssh from package manager)
– The only known bootloop issue is when you delete some system files in /private/preboot yourself, so don’t do that?

For Tweak Developers:

– Update theos to latest, then you can build for rootless via THEOS_PACKAGE_SCHEME=rootless
– Store/load preferences either via cfprefsd APIs or inside /var/jb/var/mobile/Library/Preferences (there will be a cfprefsd hook in the final jb to redirect all non stock stuff to that path)
– You need to compile everything for rootless
– All dependencies have to be compiled for rootless and stored in $THEOS/lib/iphone/rootless
– You need to put every former root path you access through the macros defined in rootless.h
– You need to compile with Xcode 12 or newer, otherwise your dylib will crash the process (if you don’t want to loose iOS 12 / 13 arm64e support, you still need to compile your rootful packages with Xcode 11)
– There currently is a theos bug where rootless libraries cannot link against other rootless libraries
– No rocketbootstrap / IPC (yet? ever? who knows?)

We’ve known for some time that Fugu15 Max was only the working name of the project and that Fröder would give it a custom name of its own ahead of the official public release. The Tweet string above noted that a name reveal would come shortly, but it didn’t yet announce the official name.

If you’re still on the fence about trying Fugu15 Max, then we still recommend waiting for the official public release. With a little luck, it won’t be much longer and users can start enjoying all of the wonderful rootless-supported jailbreak tweaks for iOS & iPadOS 15 that we’ve been witnessing lately.

Fugu15 Max is only for arm64e devices (iPhone XS and later) running iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.4.1. The latest public beta is available from the project’s GitHub page, and is still primarily only intended for developers at this time.

Are you happy to see Fugu15 Max progressing? Let us know in the comments section down below.