Legacy palera1n jailbreak now deprecated as team urges users to use palera1n-c instead

When it comes to jailbreaking A9-A11 chip-equipped iOS & iPadOS 15 or 16 devices, there’s no better tool out there than palera1n.


The team just last month released palera1n-c, a C-based re-write of the popular jailbreak option for older checkm8 bootrom exploit-vulnerable devices, and now, palera1n team member @itsnebulalol has announced that the older version of palera1n, known as .sh, would be officially deprecated.

Palera1n-c now recommended over palera1n legacy.

So what does this mean? In a nutshell, if you rely on the palera1n jailbreak at all in any capacity, then you should be using the C variant and not the legacy palera1n jailbreak. Itsnebulalol says that this is because palera1n-c is “a major step up” and “fixes many of the previous issues.”

We tend to agree. We’ve tried both palera1n and palera1n-c, and the latter is not only faster, but smoother and requires fewer dependencies to be installed on your computer to use.

Both tools are still macOS or Linux only, but a nifty flash drive-based option called palen1x can be deployed on Windows machines when necessary.

While users can still technically use the legacy palera1n jailbreak, it’s unlikely to receive paralleled support from the team as they’re focusing all efforts on the newer palera1n-c tool. That said, we recommend switching to palera1n-c if you haven’t already.

Are you using palera1n or palera1n-c to enjoy an iOS or iPadOS 15 or 16 jailbreak? Let us know in the comments section down below.