HabitKit, The Papers, Lofi, and other apps to check out this weekend

It’s time once again for our Apps of the Week roundup, where we highlight some of our favorite, recently-discovered apps and games. This week we have some great picks, including a consistency tracker, a document organizer, and a lo-fi audio app. And as always, we’ve selected a fun new game for you to check out.

HabitKit – Consistency Tracker

I am always drawn to these apps because they are extremely subjective. The best habit-tracking app is the one you’ll actually use, and I think there are still a lot of folks out there, myself included, who haven’t found the right one yet. HabitKit looks sharp, and it features these beautiful tile-based grid charts to help you track your progress. Look at those charts. LOOK AT THEM.

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The Papers: documents manager

It’s almost tax season (or it is tax season, depending on the kind of person you are), and that means it’s time to start getting your documents in order. There are obviously plenty of apps that help you do this, but if you are looking for a simple one that will store your papers in an encrypted, easy-to-read, searchable format, The Papers is worth checking out.

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Lofi. – lofi & time-tracking

If you’re not familiar with lo-fi music, it’s essentially minimal, super-chill hip-hop. It’s often used to enhance focus while working or studying, as it doesn’t typically contain lyrics or complex melodies. There are entire channels on Apple Music and Spotify dedicated to the genre, but if that’s not enough, or an option, for you, check out Lofi. It has a nice UI, tons of music, and even a built-in time-tracker.

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The whole Flappy Bird debacle, years ago, left a Flappy Bird-sized hole in my heart that I am always trying to fill with a new dexterity game. The latest one to get me is Starlandler12. It’s set in space, and your job is to collect as many stars as possible, while avoiding collisions with planets. It’s extremely primitive, so don’t expect any impressive graphics or physics. But the quick-play/addictive factor is definitely there.

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