Festive Christmas iPhone wallpaper pack

How fortuitous! Every Sunday, we updated the iDB Wallpapers of the Week gallery with photo quality backgrounds. This year, Christmas happens to also fall on a Sunday. How could we not put together a Christmas wallpaper pack as our gift, to you. Check out these colorful, festive, holiday Christmas iPhone wallpapers.

Christmas iPhone wallpapers

We have a cold, wintry collection for you. Expect snowy Christmas trees and Santa delivering toys.

The first four images in our Christmas iPhone wallpapers pack comes from the @iSpazio, Wallpaper Central gallery. There, you can find an even bigger collection of wintry wallpapers. I grabbed the first four images that caught my eye.

In particular, I really enjoy the bokeh Christmas tree wallpaper in this selection. It will make a perfect Lock or Home Screen background because it has no true focal point. Consequently, if you have a bunch of icons or widgets on your screens, the image does not overly clutter your setup. The tree offers that soft, classic Christmas tree glow right on your device.

Santa Claus iPhone wallpaper Christmas Download
Christmas evergreen iPhone wallpaper Download

iPhone wallpaper Christmas ornament Download
Bokeh Christmas tree iPhone wallpaper Download

Below, I grabbed four Christmas tree wallpapers from @ongliong11. The account regularly posts original backgrounds for download and has been featured several times in our own iDB wallpaper gallery. My favorite is the sunny morning setting, with the tree next to a window. It gives me that warm, Christmas morning feeling. But, hopefully it’s still snowing outside that shining window.

Snowy Christmas tree iPhone wallpaper Download
Christmas tree candles iPhone wallpaper Download

Sunny window Christmas tree wallpaper Download
Christmas tree lights iPhone wallpaper Download

If you took time out of your Sunday routine to grab a few wallpapers, thank you! Your continued visits make this a fun experience on a weekly basis. We hope you have a great holiday season.

Catch up with me @jim_gresham, where I curate the selection. Send me your tips, tricks, or downloads to be featured on a future post! Without your support, none of this would be as fun.

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