Minutes, GPTKey, Sup, and other apps to check out this weekend

Congratulations! You made it through another week, and now it’s time for our Apps of the Week roundup. This is one of my favorite roundups we’ve done in a while, featuring a time tracking app, a custom AI keyboard, and a new way to share audio. And as always, we have a fun new game for you to check out.

Minutes – time tracking app

Where did the time go? Do you ever ask yourself that? You look at the clock, and somehow it’s way later in the day than you thought, and you didn’t get any of the stuff done you wanted to. Minutes is an app that wants to help you answer that question. It’s essentially a time tracker for every minute of your day that, if you’re willing to manually input your activities, can offer up a lot of useful data about how you spend your time. The nice thing is, once you enter in an activity once, it’s saved for later use.

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GPTKey: The ChatGPT Keyboard

Have you noticed all the screenshots of AI chats lately? They are of OpenAI’s new ChatGPT chat bot, which is so surprisingly clever, users are capturing the conversations and sharing them online. Now you too can access the ChatGPT tech anytime you want with this custom keyboard extension. Simply download GPTKey, enable the keyboard, select a writing prompt, and let the AI generate a unique and creative response for you.

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Sup – Soundboard

Ok, this one is pretty wild. Sup is a new platform for recording and sharing audio clips that are short, fun, and to the point. With this app, you can actually send sounds to your friends’ phones, even when they are locked. As long as they are your friend on the Sup app, you can send push notifications with short sound effects and audio clips, that auto-play when they are received. You really have to see this app in action to fully understand the cool factor.

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Country Map Trivia

Apologies to everyone looking forward to the game pick, who were hoping for an intense first-person shooter, or maybe an addictive platformer. This week I decided to go with a geography-based trivia game. Country Map Trivia is a fun and challenging game that tests your knowledge of the world’s countries. In each round, the game shows you a map region, with the names of several countries on it. Your job is to pick the correct name of the country that is highlighted on the map.

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