Revamped Apple Maps experience hits the Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland

Revamped Apple Maps with Look Around, 3D landmarks and other perks have hit the Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

iPhone screenshot showcasing speed limit traffic when navigating with redesigned Apple Maps in Belgium
Speed limit cameras while navigating with Maps in Belgium | Image: Apple
  • What’s happening? The revamped Apple Maps experience that debuted in the United States in 2019 has expanded to Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland
  • What to do? This is a server-side update, meaning no iOS software update is required to get the enhanced Maps experience.
  • Why care? Customers in those countries will enjoy a much better mapping experience with perks like a Google Street View-like feature called Look Around, enhanced navigation and so on.

Apple Maps redesign hits the Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland

iPhone showcasing redesigned Apple Maps for Liechtenstein
Redesigned Maps experience in Liechtenstein | Image: Apple

Folks in the countries above will notice that the visuals in the Maps app on their iPhone, iPad and Mac have been boosted with more detailed ground data that Apple is regularly collecting with its vehicles.

According to the Apple Newsroom announcement published on December 15, 2022, customers in the above countries can also pan around immersive street-level photographs a la Google Street View with the Look Around feature.

A list of improvements includes 3D models of significant landmarks and buildings (with examples like the Grand Ducal Palace, the NEMO Science Museum and the castles of Bellinzona), enhanced navigation, turn-by-turn directions in augmented reality, more detailed roads, Siri natural language guidance, indoor maps for airports and shopping malls and more.

Before vs. after

Two iPhone screenshots showcasing redesigned Apple Maps for Basel, Switzerland with the before view at left and the after view at right.
Updated Apple Maps in Switzerland (before vs. after) | Image: Apple

To see what Maps features are available in specific countries and regions, visit these webpages on Apple’s website:

Apple Maps aficionado Justin O’Beirne summarized the improvements on his blog, providing before vs. after visual overviews of the most significant changes.

Other countries with the updated Maps experience

Since its revamped maps debuted in the United States in 2019, Apple brought the new experience to other countries like Canada, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Monaco and New Zealand.

Apple will soon collect in-house Maps data in Saudi Arabia and Israel. New features in iOS 16 enable users to plan a route with up to 15 stops on their Mac, then send it to their iPhone when it’s time to hit the road. Appel Maps also shows you nearby EV charging points and lets you report an accident, danger or speed control via Siri.