How to remove the palera1n jailbreak

If after trying the palera1n jailbreak you’ve decided that it isn’t right for you, then you might be wondering what you can do to remove it from your device.

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The itch to remove palera1n could be because it’s too buggy or complicated to use; after all, it’s a developer-focused jailbreak and not entirely intended for the common user. Whatever the reason might be, we’re here to help by showing you how in this tutorial.

Removing the palera1n jailbreak

To remove the palera1n jailbreak from your device, ensure that the machine you’re using has both Homebrew and Python 3 installed on it before continuing (steps 1-5 in our palera1n tutorial), and then you can follow the below steps exactly as you see them:

1) Open a Terminal window and run the following commands to clone the palera1n GitHub repository:

cd downloads
git clone --recursive && cd palera1n

Pro Tip: Use the cd palera1n command instead of the two shown above if you’ve already performed the above commands.

2) Once the cloning process completes, go ahead and connect your palera1n’d device to your computer and put it in DFU mode.

3) Upon entering DFU mode, run the following command in Terminal. Be sure to change the part we designate in square parenthesis with your iOS or iPadOS version number and do not enter the square parenthesis when you do this:

sudo ./ --restorerootfs [your current iOS version]

Pro tip: If you were using the semi-tethered version of palera1n, then be sure to add the –semi-tethered flag to the end of the aforementioned command before pressing the Enter key.

4) Wait for the process to complete and your device to reboot.

After your device boots back up, you should have a stock device once again.

Please note that you may need to use UICache to remove leftover jailbreak app icons from the Home Screen, which may include Substitute and/or Sileo.

The best way to do this, according to palera1n team member @itsnebulalol is to use the cache refresh feature in the TrollStore app.


Now that you’ve removed the palera1n jailbreak, your device will function like a stock handset again. This means you won’t be able to install or use jailbreak tweaks on it again unless you re-jailbreak it.

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Were you able to get the palera1n jailbreak removed from your device with the steps outlined above? Share in the comments section down below.