This year’s redesigned, more functional Apple Music Replay is now available

Get your year-in-review music roundup with Apple Music Replay and see your most player songs, artists, playlists and more for 2022.

Three iPhone device screenshots showcasing Apple Music Replay: listening insights on the left, top album in the middle and total minutes on the right
Listening insights (left), top album (middle) and total minutes (right) | Image: Apple
  • What’s happening? Apple on November 29, 2022, announced that Apple Music Replace is available for users on the web.
  • Why care? Apple Music Replay automatically creates information-rich lists of your most played songs, artists and albums of the entire year.
  • What to do? Visit the Apple Music website to get your yearly music stats.

Apple Music Replay 2022 is here

Apple Music isn’t the only music-streaming service to provide these shareable, highly personal overviews of one’s most-played music throughout the year.

According to the announcement in the Apple Newsroom, this year’s Replay experience has been redesigned to be not only prettier but more useful by providing a deeper dive into your music-listening habits than before.

Aside from listing your most played artists, songs, music videos and playlists for 2022, this year’s Apple Music Replay includes two new features. The first one will highlight any artists you might have discovered before they blew up. The other one determines your music vibe and personality.

Privacy is ensured because Apple says it will never share your insights nor will it use them in any marketing materials. “The user can share their insights at their own discretion if they choose,” Apple assures us. “No other Apple Music subscribers or employees can access their insights outside of their chosen snapshots at any time.”

How to get your Apple Music Replay 2022

Two iPhone screenshots showcasing the top songs and playlists in Apple Music Replay 2022 on the Safari browser
The top songs (left) and playlists for 2022 | Image: Apple

You may see banners for Apple Music Replay 2022 in the Music app’s Browse tab, but you’ll need to visit the Apple Music website to get your yearly overview.

Point your browser to and click the Sign In button in the top-right corner. You’ll need to authorize the web app to use your Apple Music account with the same Apple ID used for Apple Music.

Having done so, you’ll be presented with your year in music. You can browse your personalized year-in-review playlists on the website and add them to your Apple Music account so that they appear on all your devices.

You must listen to enough music for Apple Music Replay to have enough data to work with. You can gauge your qualification with a personalized progress bar on the Apple Music Replay website. “Both playlist and insights eligibility happens with the same listening threshold,” the company explains.

For those interested, we have a detailed tutorial covering using Apple Music Replay.

Summarizing everyone’s listening habits

Two iPhone screenshots showcasing Apple Music Replay and the top songs for 2022 in the Music app
Apple Music Replay 2022 with the top songs | Image: Apple

Apple Music has also published its yearly charts which highlight the platform’s top songs, top Shazamz, top fitness songs and most-read lyrics for 2022.

“Diving into the rankings, music aficionados will notice the growing presence of non-English-language songs, the rise of once-niche genres and a number of exciting breakthrough artists stepping into the spotlight for the first time,” Apple notes.

To see these year-end charts, go to the Music app’s Browse tab. Apple previously announced that Ted Bunny was named Apple Music’s Artist of the Year for 2022.

When is Spotify Wrapped 2022 coming?

Spotify Wrapped is a similar deep dive into “the music and podcasts that defined your 2022.” Spotify Wrapped 2022 is coming soon, sometime in December, and it will be available at

Spotify has been running its annual music overview for longer than Apple Music has. Spotify Wrapped has become something of a tradition for Spotify and it’s also a great marketing vehicle as these flashy snippets take over social media for days.

What about YouTube Music Recap?

Google is jumping on the year-in-music bandwagon with YouTube Music’s Recap 2022, available for the first time in the main YouTube app, too.

According to the official YouTube blog, simply search for “2022 Recap” in the main YouTube app to surface your Recap playlist. You can also click on the stories banner to view your related stories.

To explore your 2022 recap on YouTube Music, launch the YouTube Music app and scroll through to see your personalized stats like top artists, songs, music videos, playlists and more from 2022, in form of shareable cards.