Braided Solo Loop iPhone wallpapers

I love the Braided Solo Loop bands for Apple Watch. Since their launch, every band I’ve purchased for Apple Watch has been another Braided Solo Loop. And like the other band styles, the new versions are updated in seasonal colors.

To celebrate the new collection, download these Braided Solo Loop wallpapers for iPhone, in the latest launch colors.

Braided Solo Loop wallpapers

To continue my praise for this band style, the custom fit is great. With individually braided strands, the band is also extremely flexible. The strands have a rough looking textured appearance, but in the full sized woven mesh, they are actually extremely soft to the touch. Consequently, I think they are the most comfortable of all the official Apple first party options.

Below is a collection of Braided Solo Loop inspired wallpapers by @BasicAppleGuy. In the wallpaper collection, he perfectly captured the texture’s essence and feel of the Braided Solo Loop experience — almost skeuomorphic, in a kind of way.

BasicAppleGuy confirms there are 22 Braided Loop colors and I own four of them. Time to up my game. However, downloading five of the newest colors is a lot cheaper than paying $99 for each of the real bands.

The colors are perfectly captured here. I’m a big fan of the rich Rainforest green color way, both on the wallpaper and the actual band. BasicAppleGuy does and incredible job of capturing the physical experience in a purely graphical way.

Braided Solo Loop wallpaper for iPhone Rainforest Download
Slate Blue Braided Solo Loop wallpaper for iPhone Download

ProductRED Braided Solo Loop iPhone wallpaper Download
Midnight Braided Solo Loop wallpaper for iPhone Download

Beige Braided Solo Loop wallpaper for iPhone Download

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