Apple Music artist profiles becoming more engaging with custom bio, lyrics and more

Artist profiles on Apple Music are becoming more useful with custom biographies, song lyrics, date formed, band members and other information.

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Lyrics and bios are coming to Apple Music artist pages | Image: Omid Armin/Unsplash
  • What’s happening? Apple has announced new features for creators who publish their work on Apple Music, including the ability to customize artist pages.
  • Why care? Because artist pages on Apple Music aren’t very useful to begin with. Currently, you only get to see a custom image or animation and nothing else.
  • What to do? If you’re an artist, check your inbox for an email from Apple describing the changes. If not, browse some artist pages on Apple Music in a few weeks when those lazy musicians have updated their pages.

Artist bios with song lyrics and more

Starting today, creators can take advantage of new personalization features to make their profile pages more engaging. An email blast informs artists and publishers they can now add a custom bio section to their Apple Music profiles.

Moreover, musicians can add bring information to their profile such as birth date, hometown and year formed, as well as identify band members, collaborators, influences and pronouns. Read: How to manage your Apple Music subscription

As you know, songs on Apple Music come with lyrics that you can view in the Music app. And now, artists can optionally add lyrics for their songs to their page by simply copying and pasting formatted lyrics to their profile.

Apple Music profile pages are now more engaging

Not many listeners are aware that they can visit artists’ profiles on Apple Music. With that in mind, Apple is clearly hoping that lyrics, custom bios and other perks would encourage fans to visit the profiles of their favorite musicians much more frequently.

And if they do find useful information there like tour dates, latest releases, song lyrics and what have you, folks could engage more with the artist and their work.

To create a custom bio, artists simply answer a series of short questions via the Apple Music for Artists platform at

The personalized artists’ pages are now rolling out.

Creators and publishers can also manage profile access on the backend—an artist can now invite a team member to update their profile with fresh new information. There are different roles available such as admins, analysts and profile editors.

How to access an artist’s profile page on Apple Music

To get to an artist’s profile page on Apple Music, right-click (macOS), touch and hold (iOS/PadOS) or select (tvOS) their name in the Music app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, then choose Show in Apple Music.

Keep in mind that musicians can be lazy when it comes to digital marketiong. Someone has to write a custom bio, collect biographies of other band members, embed  lyrics, create custom graphics, etc. This takes time so you should try checking profile pages for changes a few weeks from now.