iOS 16 Messages: Check out all the new iMessage features for your iPhone [video]

Watch this video overview of all the new messaging features available on iOS 16’s Messages app, including the ability to edit an iMessage and revoke a text.

Video: Everything new with iOS 16’s Messages app

Our video guy Michale Billig (@michael_billig) has created this useful hands-on video walkthrough, running six minutes long, highlighting all the new messaging features for iMessage available on your iPhone with iOS 16’s Messages app.

iMessage is the most popular messaging protocol in the United States because the iPhone is the most popular smartphone there.

In other parts of the world, Meta’s WhatsApp rules the landscape because it’s cross-platform and better than iMessage. With iOS 16, Apple has tried to narrow a feature gap between iMessage and WhatsApp by enhancing its offering.

Edit or revoke a message

Marketing image showcasing the new Messages features on iOS 16
SharePlay (left) and marking a thread as unread (right) | Image: Apple

Most importantly, Messages on iOS 16 allows you to edit a sent message in a way that permits recipients to see a record of your edits. You can also revoke any sent message for some time. Read: How to react to iMessages with emoji

Another useful feature is the ability to mark a message as unread, which is a trick many people use when they want to be sure to reply to the sender later.

Messages gets a Recently Deleted folder

The Messages app now has a Recently Deleted folder similar to the Photos app where all your deleted messages are kept for up to 30 days before getting permanently deleted. SharePlay is now available in Messages for those times when you don’t feel like hopping on a FaceTime call just to discuss something with friends.

New collaboration features

And lastly, Messages is getting better at collaboration. Now you can invite someone to work on a project over Messages. This works in Files, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Notes, Reminders, Safari and compatible third‑party apps.

When sending a project invitation, Messages will automatically add everyone on the thread to your shared document. And when someone edits something, everyone gets to see these activity updates at the top of the Messages thread.