Rugged Apple Watch Pro could have a flat display

The rumored Apple Watch Pro, a model geared toward extreme sports, could have a display that’s almost entirely flat instead of rounded at the edges.

A black Apple Watch Series 7 is pictured resting on its side next to the trackpad on Apple's MacBook Pro notebook in this featured image from Unsplash
Current Apple Watches have slightly curved screens | Image: Raagesh C / Unsplash
  • What’s happening? Apple’s rumored high-end watch, tentatively named “Apple Watch Pro,” could feature an almost flat screen for the first time.
  • Why care? It would be the first time any Apple Watch has featured a flat display. All models to date have screens that are slightly rounded at the corners.
  • What to do? Better start saving some money because it seems like Apple Watch Pro will don’t come cheap, think around $1,000 as the base price.

A rugged Apple Watch Pro could have a flatter display

The display apparently won’t be completely flat, with Japanese blog Mac Otakara claiming that it will definitely be flatter than Series 8’s.

All Apple Watch models to date have screens that are slightly curved at the edges. Mac Otakara’s report corroborates the leaker “ShrimpApplePro“, who back in May said a rugged Apple Watch would come with an almost flat display.

Aside from boasting a new look, a rugged Apple Watch model should have other exclusive features that won’t be available on the Apple Watch Series 8 family. For instance, the device could have a redesigned chassis made of titanium to provide additional protection. Read: The best Apple Watch screen protectors

It will reportedly have a longer-lasting battery and a larger display measuring 1.99 inches diagonally. A body temperature sensor might make an appearance, too. On top of that, Apple Watch Pro should file as Apple’s most massive wrist-worn device due to its larger 47mm case size.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman thinks Apple will release three distinct watch families this year: In addition to a rugged model, the company is expected to update its low-end Apple Watch SE and announce the Apple Watch Series 8 family.

How much will Apple Watch Pro cost?

If you’re a fitness buff, someone who prefers activities such as biking and hiking, or an extreme athlete, a rugged watch is definitely high on your list of priorities. And because Apple Watch Pro is expected to replace the Apple Watch Edition family as a new high-end offering from Apple, we suspect it won’t come cheap.

Nothing is 100 percent given until Tim Cook takes the stage, but don’t count on Apple Watch Pro costing less than a thousand bucks. If we had to bet, our money would be on $1,000 as the starting price for a baseline model of Apple Watch Pro.

When will Apple Watch Pro be unveiled?

Apple is holding its “Far Out” event on September 7 to unveil the iPhone 14. New watches usually get some love at iPhone events, meaning we should learn about the Apple Watch Series 8 family, the next Apple Watch SE and the aforementioned Apple Watch Pro during the keynote, which starts at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

Apple’s pre-taped presentation will be broadcast via the Apple Events micro-site, YouTube and in the TV app. Read: 17 tips for how to secure your iPhone