How to receive a timely YouTube reminder 30 minutes before the iPhone 14 keynote

Signing up for a YouTube reminder ensures you will get notified on your device before Apple starts broadcasting its pre-recorded iPhone 14 presentation.

An aerial view of the Apple Park headquarters taken at sunset during the golden hour period
Apple’s keynote will kick off on September 7 at 10am | Image: Carles Rabada / Unsplash
  • What’s happening? Apple has published a YouTube placeholder for its “Far Out” event live stream that kicks off at 10am Pacific Time on September 7.
  • Why care? You can have YouTube remind you 30 minutes before the show starts, giving you ample time to take a break from work, grab some snacks, lay back and relax—before the keynote starts.
  • What to do? Click “Notify me” on Apple’s placeholder video on YouTube.

How to sign up for the iPhone 14 event YouTube reminder

Signing up for this reminder is easy: Visit Apple’s official YouTube channel at in a browser (or use the mobile app) and open the September 7 live stream placeholder, then click “Notify me” at the bottom of the video player.

Doing so ensures you will receive a notification from YouTube half an hour before the show starts. You must have the YouTube app [App Store link] installed to receive this notification (it’s also available on YouTube’s desktop interface).

Google enables creators to publish placeholders for upcoming live streams.

How do reminders for YouTube live streams work?

Safari screenshot showing Apple's YouTube channel with the iPhone 14 keynote placeholder with the Notify Me button highlighted

This is a cool feature beacuse it lets people reference the upcoming video via a YouTube URL and sign up for a handy reminder before the stream goes live.

YouTube replaces this placeholder graphic with a looping video thirty minutes before the broadcast starts. Video tips: Cool iPhone tricks that will blow your mind

In Apple’s case, this is usually some nice event animation accompanied by cool music playing in the background. Just as the event is about to start, the looping video is replaced with an actual live broadcast.

When does the iPhone 14 press event start?

The September 7 event starts at 10am Pacific Time / 1pm Easter Time.

We’re expecting to see some new products, including the iPhone 14 family and Apple Watch Series 8—maybe even the next AirPods Pro. Apple will also broadcast the keynote through the TV app and via the Apple Events webpage (which also hosts Apple’s Easter egg surprise).

Aside from its main event in September, the Cupertino company is expected to hold another event in October like in the past several years. An October event should focus on new Apple silicon Macs, the next iPad Pro, a tenth-generation budget iPad and other gadgets. Read: Free ways to send large videos and files from iPhone