How to experience Apple’s augmented reality surprise for the iPhone 14 event

Apple hid an Easter egg surprise in its invite for the September 7 iPhone 14 event. Here’s how to unpack and view it in augmented reality on your iPhone or iPad.

Three iPhone screenshots showcasing Apple's augmented reality easter egg surprise for the iPhone 14 even
Help! Apple’s black hole is sucking me in! | Image: Christian Zibreg / iDB

How to view Apple’s iPhone 14 event surprise in AR

For the past several years, Apple has been embedding various easter egg surprises in its event invites, the most recent example being this year’s WWDC.

With an upcoming iPhone 14 event, the company doesn’t deviate from this fun practice. After officially announcing that the presentation will take place on Wednesday, September 7, at 10 am Pacific Time/ 1pm Eastern Time, Apple also published an augmented reality easter egg that you can interact with.

All you need to do is visit the Apple Events web page at on your iPhone or iPad and touch the Apple logo on the iPhone 14 invite. Doing so should launch an augmented reality experience on your device.

An Apple-styled black hole in your living room

The invite shows a galactic cluster being drawn to what looks like a black hole, itself styled as an Apple logo outline. The augmented reality easter egg experience positions that same virtual black hole in the center of your room.

Don’t forget that you can pan around the augmented reality scene, bring your iPhone closer to it and move it around to explore every little detail. And as you approach the black hole, you’ll notice that the stars are shaped liked an Apple logo.

You can also interact with the space-themed logo without augmented reality: Just touch “Object” at the top of the AR viewer when launching the experience and you’ll be able to rotate the three-dimensional object on the screen with your finger.

Another Apple event in October?

Apple will hold its event on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, at 10am Pacific Time / 1pm Easter Time. Aside from the iPhone 14 family, the event should also serve as a launchpad for the Apple Watch Series 8. The company will broadcast a pre-taped keynote on its website, in the TV app and on the official Apple YouTube channel.

If history is an indication, the Cupertino company should also hold another event in October to tell us what’s next for the Mac and unveil some new tablets, including the tenth-generation budget model and the next iPad Pro.