Apple’s self-service program now lets you repair your MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Aside from the iPhone, Apple’s self-service program now provides genuine parts and manuals for those wishing to repair a broken MacBook Air or Pro on their own.

A customer hunched over their table, using genuine Apple parts, tools and manuals to repair a broken MacBook Pro
Just because Apple provides repair tools to fix a MacBook doesn’t mean you should
  • What’s happening? Apple has extended its self-service program to the Apple silicon MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models powered by the M1 chip.
  • Why care? Well, you can now purchase genuine Apple parts to service your broken Mac notebook as well as download Apple’s helpful repair manuals.
  • What to do? If you’re a tinkerer with basic repair skills, you’ll probably going to want to repair your own Apple notebook. Everyone else, please take your broken notebook to an authorized repair shop to get it fixed.

Apple’s self-service program adds the MacBook Air and Pro

Apple launched a self-service program for the iPhone in April 2022, and now the initiative has extended to cover the M1-powered MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Additional Mac models will be included in the program later this year. The M2-powered Mac notebooks are currently excluded from the self-service program.

People in the United States will be able to buy genuine parts and tools on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, at the company’s self-service repair store. At launch, available parts will include the display and the top case with the battery and trackpad.

Additional parts will be available to purchase soon.

You can also send your replaced parts back to Apple for refurbishment and recycling. Depending on the condition of the replaced component, you may also receive a credit for your parts purchase.

Say hello to another (massive) rental kit

Apple's iPhone repair kit, weighing 79 pounds and featuring wheels, is pictured in this illustration
Say hello to Apple’s iPhone repair kit. Image: Apple

When the self-service repair program debuted, Apple offered customers a repair kit for $49/week that comes in two boxes that are wheeled and weigh 79 pounds. And now, Apple will also offer a repair kit for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air repairs.

Available in exchange for the same $49/week as the iPhone repair kit, it will be shipped for free and include everything you need for DIY MacBook repairs.

You can start the self-service repair process as well as download the repair manual for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro at

Should I self-repair my MacBook or not?

Just because Apple lets you service your Mac notebook using genuine parts doesn’t mean you should repair your own MacBook Air or Pro.

“For the vast majority of customers who do not have experience repairing electronic devices, visiting a professional repair provider with certified technicians who use genuine Apple parts is the safest and most reliable way to get a repair,” reads the announcement published in the Apple Newsroom.

The self-service program is currently limited to customers in the United States.

But this is going to change later this year when Apple is scheduled to launch the program in Europe and other regions and countries.