Video: iOS 16 beta is getting very stable

The iOS 16 beta is getting very stable in the most recent version, and that includes both developer and public betas of prerelease iPhone software.

Video: The iOS 16 beta is getting very stable

Our team members have lived through some truly horrible iOS updates in the past, some of which launched publicly littered with bugs, half-baked features and a string of annoying issues that made the OS virtually unusable. We’re pleased to report that the latest developer and public betas of iOS 16 beta don’t seem to be such releases.

Apple released the iOS 16 beta to developers following the conclusion of its June 6 WWDC keynote. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman stated ahead of the WWDC that internal seeds of the iOS 16 beta were “a bit buggy.” He suspected that because of that, the public beta of iOS 16 might arrive later than usual.

When things run smoothly, the first public beta of a major software update for iOS arrives alongside the second developer beta and includes the same features as it.

But Gurman was right: The first public beta of iOS 16 dropped in July alongside the third developer beta. So yes, the iOS 16 beta was initially a bit buggier than some of the prior releases. But in no way does it mean that iOS 16 may arrive with a bunch of annoying teething issues when it drops publicly this fall.

Should you install the iOS 16 beta?

The iOS 16 icon is set against a solid light-gray background in this image from Apple

Quite the contrary, the sixth developer beta of iOS 16 and its corresponding fourth public beta are now stable for most people. Still, you should avoid installing the iOS 16 beta on your daily driver, even if the software is 100 percent crash-free.

As stable as the iOS 16 beta is, it’s still prerelease software. As such, there are no guarantees that all your favorite apps will continue to work without disruptions, that the battery will be OK and that you won’t lose any data. So go ahead and try it out, just be sure to use a secondary device for that.

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