Sideloady gets an update with important enhancements for macOS

Sideloady, a popular alternative to AltStore for sideloading apps on iPhones and iPads, has received an update to version 0.26.3 that might be of interest to existing users.

According to the Sideloady developers, Sideloady v0.26.3 has been under development for several months, and is finally being released. In a post on Reddit, the development team shares what’s new:

  • Sideloady for macOS now supports local anisette. This will fix the login issues some users have been experiencing. Please note that this is the initial release so there may be bugs which we will definitely resolve.
  • Sideloady will support the 3 different ways of obtaining the required data for sideloading: Local, Remote, and No Anisette. We also require users to install the Sideloady Mail plugin in order to grab the necessary data required for sideloading. Additionally, if a user has the AltStore plugin installed, we will attempt to use that instead.
  • Updated “Enable UIFileSharing” option to also include LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace.
  • Fixed an issue where local anisette setup would fail in certain environments.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes.

The latest Sideloady update appears to put a lot of emphasis on macOS, providing a lot more functionality that AltStore users might find familiar, including the Mail app plugin method. Interestingly, the app can try to use the existing AltStore Mail app plugin if available, rather than installing the Sideloady Mail app plugin.

Existing users of the Sideloady app will receive the latest update upon launching the app, as it automatically checks for updates on launch. Those who aren’t already using Sideloady can download the latest version from the project’s official website.

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Have you downloaded and tried the latest version of Sideloady yet? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.