Apple issues firmware update for Apple TV Siri Remote

Firmware updates don’t typically offer up the same amount of changes or new additions as a proper software update. However, it’s always good to keep tabs on which is the latest software available for all of our products. Which is why you’re getting updated on a recent firmware update for the Apple TV Siri Remote.

A redesigned Siri-powered remote for the Apple TV streaming box is shown laid flat on its back on a glass table in this close-up photograph.
Image credit: James Yarema / Unsplash

Apple has issued a firmware update for the redesigned Siri Remote for the Apple TV. The company released this new remote way back in May of 2021. The new firmware version number, according to MacRumors, is 10M1103. This new firmware version replaces the previous version, number 9M6772.

As far as what’s new? That remains a mystery. As noted by the original report, there’s no word from Apple what’s new –if anything– in this new firmware version. These types of updates are common enough, but the company usually doesn’t go out of its way to detail what’s new. That remains the case today.

You’ll simply need to wait for the new firmware version to reach your Apple TV Siri Remote. There’s no specific way to update your accessory right now. It will just bet updated over-the-air whenever the new firmware version is made available to your device.