Colorful pencils wallpapers for iPhone pack

I actually can’t remember the last time I used a real pencil. Maybe grade school? I am all-in on the digital transformation and when I want to write something down, I use a Uni-Ball Vision Elite 7.0 colored pen. I’m picky.

But, sometimes you just want to do something analogue. Maybe that’s jotting down that quick shopping list, creating art, or just coloring. These colored pencil wallpapers for iPhone are a far cry of the Apple Pencil technology, but, make incredible backgrounds.

Colored pencil wallpapers for iPhone

While the analogue feel of an actual pencil cannot be replicated with today’s technology, tricks like the Paperlike, help replicate the feeling of actually writing on Paper with your Apple Pencil. Or, you can swap out the Cupertino-made stylus for one of the other popular options. Today, we celebrate the old school vibe of full color pencils, but as wallpapers on your favorite Apple device.

My favorite of the nine downloads below is the pink and purple download by Mel Poole. I love the simplicity of the two contrasting, pastel colors and the depth of field achieved on two subjects that are already so close together. With the just-off-white background, the pink pencil tip just blasts color.

These awesome photographs were posted in the online repository where digital artists post their work with license free usage to the wide world. The artists featured below are named in the download window, but I wanted to call out their pages in-line, so you can check out even more of the great work: @Jess Bailey; @Kelli Tungay; @Engin Akyurt; @Lucas George Wendt; @Alice Yamamura; @Mel Poole; @Ramakant Sharda; @Tamanna Rumee; @Klim Musalimov.

Pastel Pencil iPhone wallpaper by Bailey Download
Vertical colored pencil wallpaper for iPhone by Tungay Download

Colorful colored pencil stack by Akyurt Download
Orange and Blue Penci contrast wallpaper by Yamamura Download

Pink pencil wallpaper for iPhone by Poole Download
Curved pencil stack wallpaper for iPhone by Sharda Download

Pencil duo wallpaper by Rumee Download
Black pencil on white iPhone wallpaper by Musalimov Download

Indigo Blue colored pencil wallpaper for iPhone by Wendt Download

If you love wallpapers, then welcome to the iDB gallery. Stay tuned for regular downloads. You can influence the collection by catching up with me via @jim_gresham; send over tips and download repos. Follow along for mid-week downloads, sneak peaks of upcoming downloads and general Apple and electronics banter.