Apple CarPlay gets new features in iOS 16, including support for gauge clusters

Apple is finally bringing some new changes to the CarPlay feature with iOS 16, which it just announced at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Finally, the new CarPlay experience will support even more screens, including the gauge cluster, and offer up even more information.

Today, CarPlay is showing off new features. It’s available in over 98% of cars in the United States, according to Apple. It’s considered a must-have feature for new car buyers, the company said, and, as a result, it’s time to update the feature to make it even better. Which includes support for larger-sized screens, and even supporting additional displays. CarPlay will now include support for even more screens in cars — not just the standard infotainment option.

And it’s getting even more feature support, too.

The next-generation of CarPlay provides content for all the screens. It’s a more universal approach. Deep integration with hardware, will allow users to tune the radio or change the car’s. temperature without leaving CarPlay. It even supports new widgets, including new information widgets for the gauge cluster. Including speed, direction, and much more. The new version of CarPlay, it works with the entirety of the infotainment system. It shows all the driving information, including fuel level, all from within the Apple-designed system. And it will work with a range of vehicles, no matter what the inside system is set up as.

There are different gauge cluster options, including new colors, different backgrounds, various layouts, and much more. There are curated themes to choose from.

Unfortunately, it’s a wait. New vehicles that support this new CarPlay will be announced near the end of next year. however, the company did announce that automakers like Jaguar, Ford, Nissan, Land Rover, Mercedes, Acura, and others are going to support this new CarPlay experience.

What do you think of the new CarPlay experience?