New ‘openpwnage’ jailbreak released for iOS 9.x on 32-bit devices, currently in beta

While many are waiting for a jailbreak for the newest hardware and software combinations available today, we’ve witnessed an uptick in the number of legacy jailbreaks for older device and firmware combinations over the past several months.

The latest of such jailbreaks appears to be one called openpwnage, which supports iOS 9.0 beta 1-9.3.6 on all 32-bit devices such as the A5, A5X, A6, and A6X varieties.

The openpwnage jailbreak was created by iOS developer zachary7829, who has created several jailbreak tweaks that have been featured on iDB previously. The developer shares details about the openpwnage jailbreak in a dedicated Reddit post.

Citing the details, it seems that openpwnage supports even previously unsupported beta versions of iOS 9 on supported handsets, and furthermore, there are plans to support versions of iOS 8 in the future. It’s noted to harnesses the Phoenix exploit to jailbreak supported devices.

The openpwnage jailbreak is currently semi-untethered, meaning that you will need to use a computer to sideload a jailbreak app that will need to be re-signed once every seven days for free Apple Developer account holders or once every year for paid Apple Developer account holders. There are no plans to make it untethered.

At this time, the developer classifies openpwnage as a beta because there are bugs, however future updates to the tool will improve its reliability and expand its capabilities. According to the developer, the biggest risk after using this beta jailbreak is a boot loop, so it’s only recommended for developers and advanced users at this time.

The openpwnage jailbreak is available via the developer’s GitHub page, and we’d like to reiterate that it’s only intended for iOS 9.0 beta 1-9.3.6 devices — not for the latest device and firmware combinations.

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