Gradient Apple M1 processor wallpapers

As we head into the Worldwide Developer Conference, rumors are swirling about both software and hardware. In recent history, the WWDC opening keynote focused exclusively on software improvements across the ecosystem. However, with Apple’s refresh to the product lines, there is an undercurrent of anticipation; we may at least see a colorfully refreshed MacBook Air.

Celebrate the full Apple silicon switch with these Apple M1 processor wallpapers.

M1 processor wallpaper

The MacBook Air was one of the first devices to receive the M1 chipset, but lacked a specific form factor refresh. The iMac and MacBook Pro both received the processor upgrade and a matching hardware refresh.

Consequently, the chance MacBook Air gains the M2 first is possible, based on precedent, and a matching hardware refresh to bring the device more in line with the more squared, industrial design originally popularized by the iPad Pro.

Friend of the site and graphic designer @BasicAppleGuy captured the chipset design in these amazing, gradient images. These M1 processor wallpapers each capture one of the new versions. Personally, I’ve been on a purple kick lately and love the M1 Max version below.

M1 processor wallpaper for iPhone Download
M1 Pro processor iPhone wallpaper Download

M1 Max processor purple gradient wallpaper iPhone Download
M1 Ultra iPhone wallpaper Download

If you love these iPhone versions, BasicAppleGuy has options for iPad and desktop. The desktop versions come in a Dark Mode variant and a dynamic variant that will change with your macOS system settings.

True Apple die hards may want to celebrate the complete shift to Apple silicon with a matching t-shirt, pictured below.

Find even more BasicAppleGuy wallpapers in our dedicated iDB gallery with his creative work.

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Let me know what you think we will see tomorrow at WWDC 2022!