Popular and gorgeous iOSX theme goes free, available for jailbroken & non-jailbroken iPhones

If you’re looking to make the best use of your iPhone’s jailbreak, then your probably looking beyond the scope of jailbreak tweaks. More specifically, lots of jailbreakers use themes to give their handset a sleeker aesthetic than what it comes with right out of the box.

Just this week, a popular theme dubbed iOSX by bank5ia — the same developer that brought us the instant-hit Sydney jailbreak tweak to customize and animate Apple Pay payment cards — has been permanently made free to download.

iOSX is gorgeous theme with simplified macOS-inspired app icons that sport shadowed bezels and more consistent designs.

Based on Tweet chains shared by bank5ia, it seems that there is no longer any interest from the developer in continuing to update or support iOSX. While, bank5ia will continue working on Sydney and other future projects, making iOSX free for life seemed like the proper move after discontinuing support for it.

It’s worth noting that while iOSX is available in the Havoc repository for free for jailbroken iPhones, it can also be used to theme non-jailbroken iPhones by way of the Shortcuts app. A separate package available on Gumroad is intended for non-jailbroken devices.

Using the Shortcuts app to theme app icons on non-jailbroken devices isn’t new, but there are some caveats compared to theming on a jailbroken device such as not being able to see notification badges on Shortcut/based app icons, but this will happen with any theme you apply in this manner — not just iOSX.

To try the iOSX theme now that it’s free to download, jailbreakers can head over to the Havoc repository in their favorite package manager and enable the theme via SnowBoard, while non-jailbreakers can head over to the Gumroad website and enable the theme via the Shortcuts app.

Do you plan to take advantage of this opportunity to get the iOSX theme for free? Discuss why or why not in the comments section down below.