Apple’s Communication Safety feature for kids is expanding to the UK

Back in December of last year, along with the public launch of iOS 15.2, Apple finally welcomed its Communication Safety feature designed to help parents keep their kids safe while using their devices to communicate. The feature makes it possible to prevent those individuals from receiving or sending images with nudity in them. And now it’s expanding beyond the shores of the United States.

The Guardian has the report today, saying that following the feature’s launch in the U.S., Apple has sets its sights on the United Kingdom. The report says that Apple says the feature will arrive “soon” in the UK, but, unfortunately, doesn’t narrow things down any more than that. However, it certainly sounds like the feature’s launch is essentially right around the corner, so the wait might not be too long.

The feature works smoothly enough, but the parent or guardian of a minor must have Family Sharing on in order to manage the younger person’s device. When that particular feature is switched on and Communication Safety is enabled, if the individual does receive an image with nudity in it, the image “will be blurred and the child will be warned, presented with helpful resources, and reassured it is okay if they do not want to view this photo.” The feature works for outgoing messages, too.

iOS 15.5 is waiting in the wings at this point, and it could be the last major update for iOS 15 before Apple unveils iOS 16. So it’s possible Communication Safety launches in the UK with the public launch of iOS 15.5. But, the feature is on the way, we know that much.