Apple shows how easy it is to apply for and use an Apple Card with Apple Pay in latest ad

Ever found yourself in a position to buy something, like, say, a chocolate candy bar and you couldn’t find your physical debit or credit card(s)? That could be pretty tricky and frustrating! Well, Apple’s here to show you how easy it is to pull out your phone (which you surely didn’t leave at home, too), apply for a credit card, and buy some stuff.

Apple has published its latest ad for the Apple Card to its official YouTube channel today. It’s called “Chocolate” and it shows a guy in a tight spot: he’s about to buy a candy bar at a market but, as luck would have it, he can’t find anything to actually pay for the goods. He could leave the store, go home and get his card, and come back to buy the things he wants, but instead he remembers he can apply for an Apple-branded credit card!

Which he does, right from the iPhone. Apple does a good enough job showing how the process works (while avoiding the nitty gritty details), first starting with opening the Wallet app. And, of course, once you get approved (if you get approved) you can use the Apple Card right away thanks to Apple Pay.

Apple will mail your physical titanium Apple Card later, but you can use the card to make purchases immediately.

All joking aside, the ad does show how easy it is to apply and use an Apple Card right from the iPhone. Check it out in the ad above, which measures in at just under 40 seconds.