It took Apple almost 5 years to approve same-unit Face ID repairs for the iPhone X

Same-unit Face ID repairs for the iPhone X are now official. With this change, Apple will now repair Face ID on any iPhone model without replacing the entire device.

A still from Apple's iPhone X ad showing a woman by the poolside using Face ID to unlock her phone
Image credit: Apple
  • Apple is adding the iPhone X to the list of devices for same-unit Face ID repairs
  • With the change, all Face ID iPhones are now supported by the initiative
  • The iPhone X was never part of this program

Apple approves same-unit Face ID repairs for iPhone X

Apple recently announced same-unit Face ID repairs for the iPhone XS and newer after announcing this repair policy change a year earlier. The iPhone X, the model that debuted Face ID, was sticking out as the only model requiring whole-unit replacements for Face ID issues, but that’s about to change soon.

“Apple has expanded its program that allows customers to get their Face ID system repaired without replacing the entire device to the iPhone X,” according to an internal memo seen by MacRumors.

For starters, is this a joke? The iPhone X came out in 2017, and we’re in 2022 now. So it took Apple a full four and a half years to make the iPhone X eligible for this program? Okay, better late than never but Apple should do better than that: Same-unit Face ID repairs for the iPhone X should have been supported from the launch.

That’s the first time the iPhone X is on the list of eligible devices for same-unit Face ID repairs. The program enables Apple’s own retail stores as well as its authorized repair centers to access a TrueDepth camera service part. It includes all Face ID parts (infrared transmitters, receivers and so on) along with the front FaceTime camera. With it, technicians are able to swap the broken Face ID unit for a new one without having to replace the entire phone. It’s unclear whether same-unit Face ID repairs could be more affordable for customers than replacing the whole phone with a new unit. Read: How to set up and use iPhone Face ID while wearing a mask