Twitter is officially working on an edit button, and testing will begin soon for select users

Twitter has been around for a long, long time. And in that time there has been a lot of content published on the social network. Some of it pretty great, and other content not so much. And in a lot of cases users have wished upon the brightest star to get an edit button, but, alas, Twitter hasn’t seemed all that interested in actually implementing the feature. Until now!

Well, soon, anyway. Twitter has officially announced today that it has been “working on an edit feature” for the last year or so. The social network also confirms that testing for the feature will start “in the coming months,” and that Twitter Blue users (the folks who fork over some money to get even more features than the free user) will get the first crack at the edit button.

The official Twitter Comms account broke the news earlier today. And, in its threaded conversation about the topic, it also included a GIF showing off how the feature will work (theoretically, since nothing is set in stone quite yet).

In that GIF we can see how a user will be able to select the details button of a published tweet and then, easily enough, choose “Edit Tweet”. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Let’s hope it retains that ease of use whenever the feature actually rolls out to non-Blue users at some point in the future.

As far as some other key details, including just how long a tweet can be published before it runs out of time to be edited, whether or not there will be version histories, and more, those remain a mystery. Twitter says it will be revealing more on the edit button and the features tied to it at a later date, but didn’t provide a concrete window.

As noted in the thread, Twitter Comms pointed out that on April 1st, also known as April Fool’s Day, of this year, the official Twitter accounted tweeted the company was working on an edit button. But, to no one’s surprise, the account wasn’t taken too seriously on the matter. But it looks like we were all fooled!

In any event, an edit button is on the way. Who’s excited?