Apple Maps should receive improved roadway hazard alerts thanks to adoption of HAAS Alert Safety Cloud

Some Apple Maps users out in the wild might not even know that Apple’s alternative to Google Maps didn’t launch all that smoothly. Which is fair, because to its credit Apple has done a lot of work to make sure Apple Maps is a worthwhile tool for iPhone users. And now it’s getting even better.

Earlier this week, HAAS Alert announced (via MacRumors) that it is integrating its Safety Cloud feature into Apple Maps. HAAS Alert describes its Safety Cloud as the “most comprehensive and trusted digital alerting platform for roadway safety,” and now it’s built into real-time roadway hazard information for Apple’s Maps app.

HAAS Alert says that it covers a variety of different situations a driver might find on the road, including work zones, incident responders, and work zones. When someone using Apple Maps for their navigation needs comes across one of these, the app will notify them they are approaching. This will give users plenty of time to prepare for what’s ahead, rather than being surprised.

From the announcement, these types of notifications are good all around:

Studies from Purdue University and the University of Minnesota have found that digital alerts providing advance warning of upcoming roadway hazards improve driver safety near roadside incidents and can reduce the risk of crashes up to 90%. By notifying motorists of these hazards in advance, digital alerts provide drivers with more time to safely slow down and move over or proceed with caution.

Safety Cloud isn’t just for drivers with apps like Apple Maps. It’s meant to help keep those in incident response situations, in work zones, or other situations safe, too. Which is why, according to HAAS Alert, “over 1,200 public safety agencies, roadside assistance fleets, towing operators, road workers, and other organizations with vehicles or roadway equipment are using Safety Cloud to provide an additional layer of protection for their people and assets”.

This is a boost to what Apple Maps already offers, though. The service has offered up notifications for speed traps, road hazards, and other situations for a bit of time already. But, integrating the Safety Cloud should offer up even more helpful information for drivers as they get out onto the road.