WhatsApp tests sharing media files up to 2GB in size, launches iOS 15 update

WhatsApp has now begun testing the ability to send media files up to 2GB in size. The new limited test arrives shortly after the Meta-owned service released an update that finally enabled full compatibility with Apple’s new iOS 15 software.

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Image credit: Adem AY / Unsplash
  • WhatsApp has launched a new limited test with some users in Argentina. Participants included in the test have gained the ability to send media files up to two gigabytes in size, up from just sixteen megabytes currently.
  • Keep in mind that the company may decide to kill this test before making the ability to send much bigger files more widely available to other WhatsApp users. More features are coming following a public release of this future update.
  • WhatsApp also released a new update that finally makes the Meta-owned app fully compatible with Apple’s latest iOS 15 software.

WhatsApp testing media uploads up to 2GB in size

WhatsApp is currently conducting testing of this feature with a subset of its users in Argentina, according to WABetaInfo which analyzes popular messaging apps to unearth features in development. Positive feedback in Argentina should prompt WhatsApp to make the feature more widely available. It’s hard to tell when WhatsApp might launch bigger media uploads in other countries. It usually releases tested features publicly but in some cases did pull the plug on a feature before more people had a chance to use it. Read: How to fix WhatsApp not working on iPhone

WhatsApp is now 100 percent compatible with iOS 15

WABetaInfo also reported that WhatsApp recently launched an update that brings full compatibility with Apple’s iOS 15 operating system. Earlier versions did provide compatibility updates but those only allowed the app to run on iOS 15 without crashing or issues. Even though the App Store release notes for WhatsApp’s 22.6.74 version only mention unspecified bug fixes, WABetaInfo claims that WhatsApp now features full support for iOS 15—six months after Apple’s software launched publicly.

“WhatsApp indirectly supports some iOS 15 features, like the ability to show profile photos in notifications for certain users and the support for Focus mode,” the site notes. Official support used to be unavailable until WhatsApp version 22.6.74.

What’s the maximum file size for WhatsApp media?

Currently, the maximum file size for photos, videos or voice messages sent or forwarded through WhatsApp is sixteen megabytes on all platforms (for documents, the limit is one hundred megabytes per item). Attempting to send, say a single photo, video or voice message that exceeds 16 megabytes will yield an error message saying the item is too long and it won’t send. According to a WhatsApp support document, sixteen megabytes equals about 90 seconds to three minutes of video.

“To send a longer video, you can record a lower resolution video outside of WhatsApp and use the attach media feature in a chat to send it to your contacts,” it reads. With the new two-gigabyte limit, people will be permitted to send much longer videos than currently without compromising on quality or size.