How to add a watermark to an image on iPhone and iPad

A watermark or signature helps identify the maker of an image or photograph. You might have seen the artist’s signature on drawings and paintings. Before posting, publishing, sending, or using original pictures, you might want to add a watermark to establish your right or authority.

The watermark on an image can be text-based (your name), signature, company logo, copyright symbol ©, or something else. This tutorial shows you how to add a watermark to photos from your iPhone or iPad.

How to add watermark to photos on iPhone

Use the built-in Photos app to add a watermark

Here’s how to set a watermark to your images:

1) Open the image in the iPhone or iPad Photos app and tap Edit.

2) Tap the markup button.

Tap Edit and Markup icon in Photos app on iPhone

3) Tap the tiny plus button (+) and choose Signature (or Text).

4) Use your finger to sign and tap Done.

5) Position the signature wherever you want on the image. Use two fingers to change the size of the signature watermark. Tap the color palette icon to change the color of the signature.

6) Finally, tap Done > Done to save the image with your signature watermark.

Add signature watermark to photo on iPhone

This method is easy to use, you don’t have to download any additional app, the signature is saved for all future use, and you can easily revert the change. The drawback is that you can’t use a logo or image as a watermark.

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Use your photo editing app of choice to add a watermark

Before I share some dedicated watermark apps, I would like to remind you that if you’re comfortable with any third-party photo editing app, explore it, and you should see an option to add text or an image-based watermark.

Most photo editing apps let you add custom text or another picture (logo) to an image. So, if you’re already familiar with any such app, you can use that. There is no learning curve or additional app download.

Some photo editing apps that let me add text or another image as a watermark are Studio, Canva, and Picsart.

Add watermark with dedicated iPhone and iPad apps

I tested around two dozen watermark apps from the App Store. And out of those, I found six suitable for adding watermark without much hassle. Here are the steps for one of the easiest apps, and after that, the names of five other watermark apps and their highlighted features.

Follow these steps to add text, signature, or a logo watermark to images on iPhone or iPad:

1) Download the Logo Watermark app from the App Store and open it.

2) Tap for image and pick a picture from the Photos app.

3) From the top right:

  • Select for add logo to insert your logo (or image) as the watermark.
  • Choose for signature and use your finger to add a sign. Use the color box to change the signature color. If you would like to use it in the future, enable Save to default signature.
  • Tap Text here to add custom text or use the copyright and other symbols. After typing the text, use Aa and the color dot to change the font and color.
Pick image to add watermark

4) To change the opacity and size of the logo, signature, or text, tap it and drag the slider.

5) Position the watermark to the desired spot on the image. Once done, select Export to save the image with the added watermark to your iOS Photos app.

Add watermark to photo on iPhone

5 iPhone apps to add watermark to images

1) Watermark Video – Add Watermark: This is among the best apps that lets you create eye-catching watermarks. You can also use this to add a watermark in batches! The only downside is that positioning the watermark to a corner takes some practice. Overall, it’s an excellent app.

Add Watermark app for iPhone and iPad

2) eZy Watermark: Add an image, text, signature, date & time, and more as the watermark. It also lets you save your signature as a template and change export file quality (from the app’s settings).

eZy Watermark app for iPhone

3) Watermark – Add Watermark: You can add text, logo, or another image as the watermark. It also supports batch edits which lets you add the same watermark to multiple images in one go.

Watermark - Add Watermark app for iPhone

4) Watermark: It’s very simple to use with not many options. You can only add a text-based watermark and choose from one of the nine locations to position the watermark.

WaterMark - Add Text to Pics on iPhone

5) Watermark Maker: Just enter the text and the app will create some beautiful watermarks for you. You can export the watermark to the Photos app or add it to an image. Be aware, the app doesn’t allow signature or logo-based watermarks. Plus, it requires an in-app purchase ($2.99) to export unlimited images.

Watermark Maker and Add Copyright to pictures on iPhone

Use iLoveIMG to add watermarks

While adding image or text watermarks using is easy on a computer web browser, the same can’t be said for an iPhone browser. However, if you like, it’s manageable with some practice.

These were the various ways to add a watermark to images from your iPhone and iPad. If you’re on a Mac, you can do the same in dedicated photo editing apps or use the built-in Preview app to add text and signature to an image.

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