Apple goes all in with school politics to promote the brand new iPad Air in latest ad

During its “Peek Performance” event, Apple officially unveiled the brand new iPad Air. Along with some new color options, the company also packed the M1 processor under the hood, too. So, there’s plenty of new going around with the iPad Air to warrant some new marketing efforts.

Which is what we have today. Apple published the new ad on its YouTube channel earlier today, and it will likely be making the rounds on the internet and on TV soon enough (if it isn’t already). In the ad, which measures in at just over one minute, we get to see some high school kids go head-to-head for class president. As you can imagine, there’s plenty of Apple’s marketing dazzle baked into the ad.

But, more than that, we get to see what the iPad Air can do, too. Which is really supposed to be the point, right? Thanks to that new M1 processor we can see the iPad Air handle plenty of multitasking and otherwise just getting stuff done easily enough.

It certainly gets the point across. And, what’s more, you get to see the brand new purple iPad Air get its time in the limelight, too.

The iPad Air officially went on sale today, after the initial pre-order window earlier this month. Did you already order one?