How to clean up junk files on jailbroken iPhones & iPads with iCleaner

Almost all Windows users, and even some macOS users have heard of CCleaner, a popular utility to monitor and remove the junk files that pile up and bog down your system to prevent it from running as zippily as possible. But did you know similar software exists for jailbroken iPhones and iPads too?

Dubbed iCleaner by iOS developer Ivano Bilenchi, this mobile app cleans your pwned handset of junk and residual files that build up over the time. While it has no affiliation with CCleaner, we can tell those familiar with the desktop-class software that iCleaner is just as easy to use.

Having been available to jailbreakers for several years, it’s anything but a new utility. Still, it’s worth mentioning because of just how useful it can be for jailbreakers who may want to clean up their device’s storage of unwanted remnant files left behind by both apps and jailbreak tweaks.

What iCleaner can do

If you’re wondering what you can do with iCleaner, then read on as we attempt to summarize everything in a nutshell for you.

Specifically, iCleaner is advertised as a tool that can remove unnecessary files left behind by the following things:

  • Message Attachments: Media files you send and receive in the Messages app.
  • Safari: Cookies, browsing history, and cache files left behind by browsing the internet.
  • Applications: App caches, cookies, temporary files, and snapshots.
  • OTA Software Updates: The software update files that are downloaded automatically by iOS or iPadOS.
  • Battery Usage Data: Archived battery data can be safely removed without touching current battery data.
  • Unused Dependencies: The add-ons that have been installed automatically alongside your jailbreak tweaks, but were never removed when you uninstalled said jailbreak tweaks.
  • Log Files: The log and crash report files saved by iOS after an interface or an app crashes.
  • Cache Files: Obsolete system cache files and databases that are known to be rebuilt after a respring.
  • Temporary Files: The files that are temporarily created by apps and other things while using your device, but aren’t deleted in a timely fashion.

In addition to removing the aforementioned, iCleaner is configurable and can be set up by the end user to clean specific filetypes, unused languages, definition dictionaries, app assets, wallpapers, and a whole lot more.

But that’s enough flexing, in the next section we’ll show you how to install and use iCleaner.

How to use iCleaner

To use iCleaner, you’ll need to install it first. iCleaner is hosted on the default BigBoss repository, so you won’t need to add anything to your package manager app to find it.

In this piece, we’ll install iCleaner using Cydia, however the installation steps should be eerily similar for other package manager apps. Here are the steps to install and use iCleaner on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad:

1) Begin by searching for iCleaner, and it should appear in the search results:

2) Tap on the package and then tap on the Install button:

3) Next, tap on the Confirm button:

The package will begin installing.

4) Tap on the Return to Cydia button:

5) Go to the Home Screen and find the new iCleaner app icon, than tap it to launch the app:

In this interface, you can choose which parameters iCleaner will clean on your device. Turn on all the things you want cleaned, and turn off all the things you don’t want cleaned.

6) Tap on the Clean button to proceed with the cleaning process:

iCleaner begins cleaning unnecessary files from your device.

7) When prompted, tap the Yes button to respring your device and complete the filesystem cleaning:

Congratulations! When your handset boots back up, it’ll be devoid of unnecessary files and clutter that we’re taking up storage space before the cleaning.


While we regularly use iCleaner here at iDownloadBlog to cleanse our test devices, we want to make clear that using the software is done at your own risk with no warranties expressed or implied. That is because we have no control over what files it removes from your device — only you do.

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Have you used iCleaner before, or do you intend to try it in the future? We’re excited to read your thoughts about iCleaner in the comments section down below.