Apple rumored to unveil a new dark green colorway for iPhone 13 tomorrow

Apple could announced a green iPhone 13 colorway during its virtual product unveilings taking place tomorrow, March 8, according to a last-minute rumor.

A still image taken from Apple's September 2021 “California Streaming” event video which shows CEO Tim Cook standing on stage and talking enthusiastically while gesturing with his hands
  • Aside from a third-generation iPhone SE with 5G networking and a faster chip, Apple could also announce a new dark-green color option for iPhone 13 buyers.
  • Currently, the iPhone 13 family is offered in several distinct colorways, including pink, red and blue, but dark green isn’t among them.
  • Curiously, a recently leaked photography showed that Apple could also be prepping MagSafe cases in new colors such as dark green.

Who wants a dark green iPhone 13?

YouTube creator Luke Miani claims in his latest video that the new dark green color option for the iPhone 13 family will be announced at Apple’s “Peek Performance” event scheduled to be held virtually on Tuesday, March 8. Only the color will change, of course. In terms of other feature, this will be the same iPhone 13 you already know complete with Apple’s A15 Bionic chip, better cameras and more.

9to5Mac weighed on the Luke Miani’s mixed track record:

For example, he said before the “Unleashed” event that the 2021 MacBook Pro would feature an illuminated and backlit Touch ID button. He also incorrectly said that AirPods 3 would launch last May, but Miani was partially correct that Apple Music HiFi would launch on May 17/18 of 2021.

He also claims to have the first look of Apple’s rumored Mac Studio system.

Our take: It’s legit

We think this is legit. For starters, a reliable source just a few days ago leaked photographs purporting to show Apple’s upcoming spring-themed MagSafe cases for the iPhone 13 series. You guessed right, one of the cases is offered in dark green. Green is also the color of the spring. Now, Apple has been using these spring events to refresh the appearance of its bestselling products.

Four images shared in a grid that depict the alleged new spring-themed colors for Apple's MagSafe cases for the iPhone 13 family
Green is among rumored new MagSafe case colors | Image credit: Majin Bu / Twitter

Red iPhones were released mid-cycle, about six months following the new iPhone launch, to revitalize sales. But Apple recently switched to providing PRODUCT(RED) iPhones alongside other models on launch day rather than in the middle of the current cycle. With no PRODUCT(RED) iPhones to unveil in March, Apple now leverages spring event to introduce additional colors to the mix. In Spring 2021, for instance, Apple launched a purple colorway for the iPhone 12 series.