Netflix is launching an interactive ‘Trivia Quest’ series

Do you happen to be a fan of the trivia game Trivia Crack? If so, Netflix might have some good news for you today. The streaming service is about ready to launch a brand new interactive series, and it’s based on that particular trivia game.

Announced today ahead of its April 1, 2022, premiere date, Trivia Quest is a brand new interactive series heading to Netflix. The streaming service has offered a few different interactive titles over the last couple of years, so this isn’t necessarily breaking new ground here. However, the real draw is the Trivia Crack appeal, and the fact it’s a trivia game.

According to the announcement, the questions offered in the upcoming series will be similar to what Trivia Crack players run into while playing the game. There will be 24 different questions offered up every single day throughout the month of April.

You can check out the official trailer in the video above.

This is a series, though, so there’s a bit of a story viewers will need to navigate through as well. In this case, Trivia Quest is all about a nefarious individual by the name of Evil Rocky who is trying to collect all of the world’s knowledge. And not for good reasons. Trivia Land is in danger, so that’s where the main character, Willy, comes in. Viewers will need to help Willy stop Evil Rocky by answering trivia questions.

If you miss a question, you’ll actually be able to go back and try again, though, which is a departure from the game itself.

Trivia Quest launches April 1, 2022. It’ll be available on a variety of devices, including the Apple TV, iPhones, iPads, and smart TVs. Will you be playing along?