Apple Pay is not available in Russia following imposed sanctions

In light of Russia invading Ukraine, government bodies across the globe have imposed various economic sanctions against Russia. Part of those sanctions includes the restriction of foreign transactions with Russian banks. And for users of Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other mobile-based digital wallets, it has led to some suspended usage.

As first reported earlier today by Business Insider, and confirmed by the Central Bank of Russia, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other mobile payment digital wallets are currently unavailable in Russia following the sanctions imposed on the country. At the time of publication, five major banks in Russia (Otkritie, VTB Group, Sovcombank, Novikombank, and Promsvyazbank) have all had their international operations greatly restricted. As of right now, this means customers of those banks who happen to be traveling abroad will no longer be able to use their bank-issued cards while outside of Russia.

It also means that customers can’t make online payments to companies registered outside of Russia, and which have imposed sanctions.

With both Apple Pay and Google Pay, and several other options, based out of the United States, access to these mobile payment options are restricted. The United States, the European Union, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom have all, up to this point, imposed heavy economic restrictions against Russia following the invasion of Ukraine.

As of right now, there is no telling when access to Apple Pay or Google Pay will return.