iPhone 14 Pro‌ predicted to have 8GB of RAM. Here’s how the extra memory could be utilized

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 Pro models may increase the amount of RAM from the 6GB in the Pro-branded iPhone 13 models to 8GB, matching Samsung’s latest Galaxy S22.

Image credit: iFixit
  • iPhone 14 Pro models could feature 8GB of RAM instead of 6GB
  • If so, the next iPhone will match Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones
  • Extra RAM may indicate significant new photography features

iPhone 14 Pro may sport 8GB of RAM

“yeux1122” shared this news, based on supply chain sources, on the Korean blog Naver.

The user claims that Pro-branded models of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 will contain eight gigabytes of RAM. The post goes on to say that Apple has now confirmed the memory components that will go into the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models.

Hartley Charlton, MacRumors:

The account previously said that Apple was planning to launch a new iPad mini model with a 8.7-inch display and a chassis that has an increased width and reduced height compared to the fifth-generation iPad mini in the second half of 2021. While the display size claim was inaccurate, with the sixth-generation ‌iPad mini‌ actually featuring an 8.3-inch display, the chassis rumor and launch timeframe proved to be correct.

This is the first rumor calling for an 8GB iPhone.

RAM shootout: iPhone vs. Galaxy

Should it prove accurate, then the next iPhone will turn out to have the most RAM of any iPhone model before it. Although the current iPhone 13 outperforms the latest Galaxy S22, Samsung’s Galaxy phones have used eight gigabytes of RAM since 2019’s Galaxy S10 model. Read: Check out 40+ tips for how to save battery life on your iPhone

On the flip side, Apple’s vertical integration enables Apple to optimize its devices to perform smoothly without requiring as much RAM as Android smartphones. That’s why iPhones get by with almost half the RAM of their Android counterparts.

How iPhone 14 Pro could use the extra RAM

The current iPhone 13 Pro and Max models are equipped with six gigabytes of RAM.

Whenever Apple increased the amount of RAM in an iPhone, it’s for a very good reason. Usually, it’s to support a major new feature. For instance, the iPhone 7 Plus was Apple’s first dual-lens device and that model had fifty percent more RAM than the regular iPhone 7. The extra memory was used to process data from two rear cameras simultaneously, as well as support resource-intensive imaging tasks such as snapping portraits in the depth-of-field shooting mode. Read: 5 essential iPhone camera tips for non-photographers

Now, the iPhone 14 lineup is said to bring major changes to all cameras. The camera upgrade apparently includes the main camera out the back getting bumped from twelve to 48 megapixels for still images and 8K video recording. The new sensor will take iPhone photography to a new level, and extra RAM will help process all those megapixels.

As a side-effect of Pro-labeled iPhones with extra RAM, those models also provide smoother multitasking than their non-Pro counterparts which have less RAM.